Folorunsho Alakija: Famfa Oil Block Was Allocated By Divine Intervention

folorunsho alakija oil block

Feb 24, 2018 – Folorunso Alakija: Famfa Oil Block Was Allocated By Divine Intervention

Nigerian oil billionaire Folorunsho Alakija has revealed how she fought the federal government for 12 years over profit sharing after an oil block was allocated to her.

the oil tycoon glorified God for the success of her oil business after she was rejected by most oil companies years ago.

Here is what the billionaire shared on her Instagram page today to encourage others;

“My encounter with the glory of God… When I got to my wit’s end, I covenanted with God for blessings in return for a life long work and walk with Him.

To say that I did not see HIS Glory come into my life would mean I have turned God into a liar. It is only God who could have brought me from the back burner to the front burner. He Himself orchestrated and organized by divine intervention, the beginning and continuation of our delving into the oil industry.

The oil block allocated and licensed to us was not wanted by any oil company; we accepted it by faith and it has become the chief cornerstone in West African and Africa as a whole. The Government came back to “take” 50% out of our 60%, but after a 12 year battle in court, all was restored to the glory of God.

God has continued to be faithful as to be expected and I am here today as part of my fulfillment of my obligations to that covenant.

Therefore Receive the anointing to prosper. Receive the anointing for God’s Glory. Receive the anointing for God to single you out for upliftment and promotion.

Don’t lose heart, don’t lose hope……………Await that coming glory upon you in Jesus Name AMEN!


5 thoughts on “Folorunsho Alakija: Famfa Oil Block Was Allocated By Divine Intervention

  1. Why cant u tell us how you got the oil block. I hate people beating around the bush
    What is the point of the encouragement when you are not ready to tell us how you made it. Shior

  2. @Wuyi,would you have asked a male,like Otedola how he got his oil block? I refuse to call you a chauvinistic p*g!

  3. The dubious military govt gave her oil block by proxy.just like theo danjuma and most emirs in the north benefitted from same paddy paddy govt.during privatisation,they shared all the defunct compqnies,nitel,nicon,nepa ,shipping was the beginning of the nations problem.just ibb favored adenuga and any govt in power favored dangote.its monopoly but tommorrow they will claim they fasted for 100 days and God answered their prayers.liars

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