How Foreign Investors Are Treating Nigerians Like Slaves In Their Own Country

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Feb 6, 2014 – How Foreign Investors Are Treating Nigerians Like Slaves In Their Own Country

The level of violence meted out by expatriate business people in Nigeria to their staff has become worrisome and needs urgent government intervention.

Recently, 40-year old Adeleke Owolabi, a newly recruited marketer of a PVC-producing Chinese firm based in Sagamu, Ogun State, western Nigeria was brutalised by his Chinese boss, Mike Jackson, and his cousin, Tony Jackson for a flimsy offence.

The graduate of Mass Communication from Olabisi Onabanjo University was supposed to travel to Kano with the goods for sale and until 4pm, his boss continued to give excuses thus delaying him. An attempt to make Mike realise that travelling at night could be risky earned the father of two a kick in his private part and a slap while Tony smashed a bottle on his head. They both beat him up until he fainted.

On 12 December, 2013, 34-year-old Mrs. Alexandra Ossai, a Supervisor with a Lebanese-owned firm, Toppan Printing Company in Lagos, lost her seven-month old pregnancy and suffered serious complication after her Lebanese boss, Kaveh Noine, kicked her violently in the stomach. She had to undergo a surgery to save her life as the placenta was damaged.

According to the woman who said she had been slapped many times before, anytime Noine was annoyed, he would beat the staff that provoked him. Sometimes, he would throw whatever he can lay his hands on at the person.

Sometime ago, Maaji Meriga, a 62-year old casual worker with the China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation, CCECC, working to construct railway tracks in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital, lost his testicles after allegedly receiving slaps and a kick on his private part by the company’s transport manager, Marcho Chin, popularly called ‘old soldier.’

Many more of such inhuman treatment against Nigerians by foreigners who come into the country, many without valid documents abound in almost all companies owned by them.

These companies often pay their casual staff peanuts as salaries and wages and leave the staff prone to accidents many of which are bloody and the victims are maimed for life. This is aside cases of rape against some of the women who work with them abound.

It is even more frustrating to hear the victims complain of inability to secure justice from either the Nigerian Police or any other agency that could assist as they must have soiled their hands with bribes from these foreigners.

The Nigerian Labour Congress, NLC, and the Trade Union Congress, TUC, are two bodies that have also failed in the fight to ensure proper work environments for the Nigerian workers in companies owned by foreigners in the country. Many times, they have been accused of only visiting the companies to line their pockets by these aliens, some of whom are prisoners sent to Nigeria by their countries to complete their jail terms.

We call on all relevant government authorities, including the National Assembly, to ensure that Nigerians in these firms are not treated like slaves in their own country.

There must be serious sanctions against foreigners who treating Nigerians like animals.

[First Published On The News on February 6th, 2014]

10 thoughts on “How Foreign Investors Are Treating Nigerians Like Slaves In Their Own Country

  1. Very soon these monsters will take over the entire country. Their own go worst pass boko haram if God didn’t curb them

  2. Forget expatriate this guy all came to seek better life in Nigeria they deceive Nigerians by saying expatriate when our people migrate to their country we are called all sorts of stupid names, in Nigeria they are in big position with just college degree but our graduates are cleaner in their country they don’t give Africans the chance to be in top position except if u have God on ur side but still they will make ur life hard but in Nigeria with their stupid college degree they occupied top position in Nigeria and still they treat Nigerians like slave, NIGERIANS WAKE UP, AFRICANS WAKE UP

  3. another element of nigerian faults…poor working conditions!!! NOT ONLY FOREIGNERS DO THIS…INDIGENES DO IT TOO!

    • u are against Africa..wonder where u come from..definitely not a naija person..u are pro gay,pro yahoo runs,pro violence..alwys hvn negative mindset..u be pure mumu

  4. I was in Muritala mohammed international airport on the 27th of January 2014 to board a Qatar airline,i was frustrated to challenge the Authority of NDLEA by not searching all those white bitch,what is special in these animals call Oyinbo?i have live with them for so many years,and i know them very well,they see African as slaves,they called us all sort of stupid names such as Negro,Darky and many more,so our leaders have sold the integrity of our land,these fucking bitches dont even possess have of the resources we have in our dear country,but God knows the best and he will definitely restore our integrity for us….Taiwo from sydney.

  5. Taiwo my bros, it’s so sad what this country has reduced us to. When the useless fools who are in government are busy fighting over who get what share of the national cake and playing ethnic politics, how could they have the time to care about their citizen. The worst part is the way our people worship these so called expatriates (I called them white monkeys) as gods and that also give them the courage to treat them like slaves. I work in a company that have these expatriates – you need to see how some of our people bow for them and call them ‘master’, highly annoying!! Most of them are not university graduates but technicians and their pays are mouth watering. The monkeys are working and the baboons are smiling to the bank. Until we not the government join hands and make the environment very uncomfortable for them, the abuse will never stop.

  6. ppl are hungry , doing any thing just for money. But I thank God Am covered, doing fyn in my bussiness. Thank God may God be praised Amen.

  7. Yes i’m pro-gay,pro-yahoo runs i don’t know what you mean and yes i’m a “nigerian” but a fool? NO! Fools are those that go around stoning adulterers,killing “heathens” and spreading draconian propaganda ***blasphemous word removed by author**.

  8. enugh is enugh i wl mksur i lok for for ds basterd call foregn investor and mk hm pay for dis inhuman treatmen…we can be in our country and be eatn shit frm dis ass holes……guys watch out for a rturn match

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