Former Nigerian Footballer Chidi Odiah Turns Taxi Cab Driver In The US (Ex-Super Eagles Defender)

ex-super eagles defender cab driver usa

May 3rd, 2013 – Ex- Super Eagles Defender Chidi Odiah Turns Taxi Cab Driver In The US

Former Nigerian Footballer Chidi Odiah Turns Taxi Cab Driver In The US

Next time you feel like relocating abroad, you have to keep in the mind that life abroad is totally different from the rosy life in Nigeria.

I have seen doctors working as factory workers in developing countries in other to make ends meet. Most people living abroad today are working below their academic qualifications in order to make money.

Former Nigerian footballer and Super eagles defender Chidi Odiah who relocated to the United States of America a while back is now a taxi driver.

According to those in the know, the ex-footballer has been spotted several times by US-based Nigerians working as a cab driver in order to provide for his family.

We also learnt the former super eagles defender has two taxi cabs.

Our people need to keep in mind that it is better to be hard-working than to tarnish the image of Nigeria by doing illegal deals… y’all know what I mean.

Work nah work jare as long as it brings money.

For the records, Taxi drivers abroad are millionaires back home.

I know of a family friend, who drives Taxi cab in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He has over 10 mansions in Nigeria today. He relocated to Nigeria two years ago.

NaijaGists kini big deal? Pardon my preaching ojare…

Hope you get the message am trying to convey.

28 thoughts on “Former Nigerian Footballer Chidi Odiah Turns Taxi Cab Driver In The US (Ex-Super Eagles Defender)

  1. nawa o, it is well, anywAy he is just doin that to sustain himself and d family. No big deal

  2. dis guy play professional football for more than 7yrs,what happens to all those money he made,stupid extravagant lifestyle.. Taxicab my foot,if he has made use of those good money(investing) while playing football,he wont have done anything again for the rest of his life,that investment should be given him comfort now..

  3. So what is the big deal or the shame in being a taxi driver ? So Nigerians would rather he does illegal deals and have quick wealth rather than work deligently and prosper in good works.
    Na wa for dis country called Nigeria o. What crime has a young man committed now for taking up taxi driving instead of crime. Hmmm

  4. there is nothing new under this planet,kudos to him bcos he prefer been a driver than an armrober.i pray may d lord make things easy for him on like before:

  5. So what is thebig . U never can tell if he is doing it to keep himself busy. Money from shit no dey smell

  6. whats wrong if he turns a taxi driver, a taxi driver in the US is higher paid than a staff in the oil industry in Nigeria, we should be proud of him that he did not indulge in drugs trafficking, i personally hail him and more Kudos to him.

  7. It takes great humility & conquering of ‘self’ to be able to do that.I commend him.

  8. I love the guy when he was play in nigeria. football but nigeria the devil country. All our player running poor after play for nigeria. He will make it by the grace of Almighty Allah. Bad country, no ur way if not u die in property. May Allah bless him reward him.

  9. All those condemning the cab driver ,it is bc you are still there,wen u live abroad your shallow thinking will change then u see life in true colors.It is in Ng that u do bigmanism,no big man abroad.LEVEL UP-EVERYBODY,and thats why they are great,there is dignity of labor-no embezzlement of public funds,no emergency contractors,no kick back/and kick front,.There is fairness,justice and fairplay.Big corporations head abroad clean tables ,sweep floors even in their offices,i heard the owner of V,atlantic use to clean inside of the plane himself.Whatever u may be yonder,as soon as u board plane to come here,keep ur big man at the airport car park bc nobody will recognise ur big man here.IF u cant level up abroad,dont bother to go and queue up at the embassy struggling to obtain a visa they wont grant u.

  10. Guy do dat which wil give u money since it’s legal dnt listen 2 talks cos if u trace dem dey are jobless,wish u d best in ur doin

  11. Well for those of us that have travelled out of the country, and those who beleive, we don’t see the big deal there. people do many odd jobs to make money so as to survive and to reach out to their loved ones in Nigeria. these odd jobs as Nigerians see them, are not viewed the same in those countries. no discrimination or insult about those jobs there. no one looks down at you when you do such work but in Nigeria, they see it as a mess. but when the taxi driver,cleaner etc comes back to visit his people in Nigeria, he is been indirectly or directly treated as a king. please don’t judge anyone. it is not easy out there too. no bed of roses there. Nigeria is green and green forever.

  12. There is nothing wrong in being a taxi driver and earning an honest living. I read of many ex sports heroes who are now washing cars, selling musical videos, selling airtime, rank marshals etc.

  13. People need to be educated, it cost as much as 150,000 euros to get a Taxi licence to become a normal taxi driver in Spain and to belong to the MERCEDES BENZ class,it cost over 200,000 euros that is over 40 million Naira, and the drivers earn more than Bank managers in nigeria if not even more than most oil workers.So who is foolong who? to own two Taxi cabs in the States mean that you are a real Big Boy, be educated and take your memory of NAIJA type of taxiS that look like NAIJAGISTS OR GISTMANIA — YEYE PEOPLE

  14. my brodas at least he is not staying down and out…no matter your situation if u are down on ur back, if you can look up , u can get up…he will get to where he was again..let us pray..we all have experienced all kinds of good and bad in our lives…he will be okay

  15. It’s better for you to drive taxi cab than to be a thief. You guys should leave him alone. He’s working to take care of his family. In the U.S. there’s no withcraft…no jealousy. Everyone in America is equal. African thinks the negative ways, thats why more people are poor in Africa. They should pray for him instead of putting him down. We are should think the way Americans think and that would be good for Africans.

  16. Chidi odiah,ur head is their….cos he is chidi odiah doesn’t mean he can’t become a cab driver…wetin do cab driving sef?so as him no dey play ball again make him no do some other things….honest job should b praised..thumbs up bro…

  17. the person wey write this article na aboki, wetin be your business,discussing another persons life instead of discussing issues on how to tackle boko haram in Nigeria.soon you go carry wetin your wife and gateman dey make another story

  18. I know him very well and if you all must know, he was duped millions of dollars by his wife and her family. She sold his houses in the US and took away all his money. He is a very hard working guy and I hope he is able to find his feet again.

  19. My brother keep it up dont be discouraged by what people who have not seen the INTERIOR of an airplane is talking.
    Every act of bigmanism ends the moment you enters the flight if not you won’t survive ABROAD for those who are aspiring to travel abroad be prepared to face the uncertainty, Every work counts cause no matter how odd guys at home look at it here there is no CLASS so GUYS don’t laugh at him he is well to do,he is not POOR as you people may assume. CHIDI my brother don’t be disturbed cause they are IGNORANT of all RUBISH they have said KEEP it up is well.

  20. Bros I respect u. I love your strength , I hope other men who have been there before and after challenges today learn from him. Bros I love u. Am proud of u as a fellow Nigeria. Chop nukkle, 3 gbosa for u

  21. Bros I luv u .I respect u . Men who have been there and are aving challenges today sud take a clue from him . Rather than making ursef an object of ridicule do something with your life. It might not look dignifying today but it is honourable. Mr chiding give u 3 ghosts, chop bumble bros

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