Stella Damasus’s Twitter Account Not Hacked – How She Faked Daniel Ademinokan’s Death For Public Sympathy


stella damasus twitter account hacked

May 3rd, 2013 – Stella Damasus’s Twitter Account Not Hacked – How She Faked Daniel Ademinokan’s Death For Publicist Stunt

OMG! Rip Daniel. Is Everybody Happy Now? *tears*

The message is what alleged husband-snatcher, Nollywood actress Stella Damasus claim she got on her Twitter account this morning.

Her claim that some folks hacked into her Twitter account this morning is fake.

Within hours of the above controversial message, the news of Daniel Ademinokan’s death circulated the social media like wildfire.

As we are all aware that the two are under fire for their untimely romance after Daniel dumped his wife for Stella last year.

If you can remember, two days after a viral husband-snatching scandal, Daniel Ademinokan allegedly wrote a length false story to make Stella feel good about the whole thing.

It takes a quick thinking mind to realise that the Twitter message is forged to gain public sympathy after their messy and controversial romance.

So Stella claims her Twitter account was hacked and the above message was left on her account.

She said through her publicist that she has been trying for the past 3 hours to get back into the account….. We can authoritatively confirm that the actress might be playing a trick on her fans.

Two hours after the controversial tweet, the actress herself shared some tweets condemning the first RIP tweet without deleting the first one.. how come?

So what happened to the 3 hours her publicist claims?

stella damasus twitter account hacked

Finally, how come the controversial tweet is still on her Twitter account?

It’s high time Stella and Daniel come to realise that living a controversial lifestyle while trying to gain public sympathy can’t work.

Let them come out straight because we their fans are tired of their double standard life.

We’re not mumus we are smart people.