Frank Edoho Remarries Secretly: New Wife Is Lover Sandra Onyenaucheya (Pictures)

frank edoho remarried

Nov 9, 2012 – Frank Edoho Remarries Secretly: New Wife Is Lover Sandra Onyenaucheya (Pictures)

Mr Frank Edoho, the TV Presenter of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire show has remarried a new wife.

According to our sources, Frank Edoho married his new lover, Sandra Onyenaucheya at a secret wedding few weeks ago.

Frank Edoho divorced his wife and the mother of his three children, Katherine back in 2011.

frank edoho new wife

Frank Edoho’s new wife

We learnt Frank introduced Sandra as his wife to friends and business partners at the Federal Palace Hotel in Victoria Island Lagos recently.

Sandra Onyenaucheya was spotted with a skimpy dress and a beautiful wedding ring.

The TV presenter has placed his 3 kids in custody of his ex-wife with a monthly child allowance payment of N250,000.

Frank Edoho has been running away from the public eyes until he was caught recently at the aforementioned hotel with his new wife, Sandra, a single mother of one who recently moves into his Victoria Garden City mansion in Lagos State Nigeria.

50 thoughts on “Frank Edoho Remarries Secretly: New Wife Is Lover Sandra Onyenaucheya (Pictures)

  1. Wish him a happy married life. I also pray his ex wyf finds luv too and may God preserve their kids. Aamin

  2. It’s supposed to be a lifetime thing but not when either of the two is going to lose their lives over it. Marriages have lots of challenges but it is really the grace of God Almighty that keep marriages going. Happy married Life Frank…and Kate, good luck with the kids.

  3. Mumu Frank,so left ur wife and 3 kids,4 another lady with her own child so u can spend ur money on a child that is not even ur own.What a fool u are?U ‘ll surely regret it,but its never 2 late to make amends am sure ur wife will welcome u back.

    • Wow. I can’t believe hw ignorant u are. Hw is it ur biz if he spends his money on a kid dat is not his? The child is his step child and u my friend, are the fool for uttering such rubbish

      • U are the mumu. Who abandons their own biological children (3 of them) to spend money on an adopted step child? What’s worse is that it’s a girl that will later in life give his name, that’s even if she ever takes it at all. Whatever a man sows, that shall he also reap. Every cause, every action has an effect, a consequence. Hope u are not in one or running into one already, dumbass. Goodluck with managing your life when your own time comes.

  4. No no pls dis is totally unacceptable to me,it’s not fair frank.i neva knew u could be so heartless 2 go extra mile 2 divorce ur lovely wife…………a mother of 3 for crying out loud,gushhhhh!!! #250,000 child monthly allowance my foot. Do u know d gravity of emotional pain dat u hav caused dos kids frank,simply b/cos some…………………,GOD neva sleeps oh

  5. What a shameful behaviour, i dnt like emulating dis stars as a role model, even wit his innocent face i thought he might be trueful bt nw it turns out d other way round…….it wil b a shameful thing 4 me 2 watch ur show again. (“WHO WANT’S 2 BE A MILLIONAIRA7”)

    • When,I blieve’s not ordinary.The two must ‘ve been dating lomg be4 divorced his legal wife. Meanwhile,the single mother use d avenue to diorganise d marital home so that she can have access to the man’s heart & full control over him.There4,Frank will not understand of what is happing to him becos’who is sick ‘upstair’will never know. So,it takes the glory of God’s intervention and of the family members to come back to his right senses.

  6. Its rough 4 u as a christian 2 divoce ur wife except if she comit adultry so Franck is nt too late.advice 2 young girls open ur eye bypraying b4 u get marry.

  7. Frank u ve disapnted me mostly, i thought u wil be diff 4rm oder celebrities,but u turn out to be dsame,wat a shame!!!!!!!so y promise (til death do u part),am sorry but u celebrities are not worthy of EMULATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Frank, its not so bad that you have decided to seek happiness elsewhere but until the full story of the devorce is known do have yourself a blissful union cause you are entitled to that like any other human being

  9. Devorce is not the best, i believe we still need to resolve issues maturely no mater what not bcos of us but bcos of the children. It is well.

  10. frank edo, you are a educated why do the choose that life, an ibo woman want eat you up like ant after dump you. remember the first love.why are celebrity can stay with one woman, pls give us how many of them are genuin.

    • Wen it comes 2 d tins of marriage, it takes matured minds. Its nt gud 2 judge edoho, u pple dnt really knw wat transpired. Wat I hv 2 say is dat, if frank edoho has a clear mind b4 God on his action, then I wish him best of luck. A blissful marriage

  11. Frank will never find happines unless Kate is happy. Imagine a woman who started with him when he was nothing,being abandoned at this time,he shall know no peace.period!

  12. He seems to have a knack for wild babes. This one looks wild to me o! This one go sleep with his best friend. This marriage last? For where now? How? Can something that is built on the wrong foundation last?

  13. Is very bad of frank edoho,is a cheat to ur wife,n God dn’t like it.marriage was for better for worse.u just abandoned kate just for nothing,very bad of u.wat do think about your children?do u think they will be happy?

  14. pls dont speak against frank cos we dont know wat reli happened between him nd his ex but frank watever u should consider ur childern frist b4 u take any decision not to talk of marrying a new wife dats reli absurd nd its reli not gud, i dont wish u a hapi marriage life with ur new wife not at all.

  15. Well i dnt blame nigerians…if dia ws smtyn like alimony here…husbands go dey fear to divorce dia wives….** sha abandonin d kids….dts unforgivable…if im d wife i’ll mk sure ma kids hate u!!! No mata wat neva abandone ur Gift frm God…250k a month…wts it fr??dia sch fees or d food or clothes which one?………

  16. I will never watch who wants to be a millionaire again. Frank i am really disappointed in you. Kate my advice to you is to be patience for whatever goes up must surely come down.

  17. No matter wat happn, u av no right to remarry according 2 d bible doctrine. U wl remain single unless ur wife die. And 2 d wife no matter should nt think of remarry it is adultry bible said it not me.

  18. Whatever must have gone wrong with it first marriage u shouldn’t have gone in for a divorce cos divorce is not biblical and all those that are involved in it in one way or the other will go to hell cos God is not in support of it.
    Moreover ur former wife looks and dresses more maturedly than this new one u have , it is so obvious that u are the cause of the former break up and sorry sir u don’t have good eyes and I just hope u realise urself and make ammends!
    I wonder why u are still presenting for mtn’s who wants to be a millionaire cos u are a total dissapointment and ur appearance shows a huge sign of irresponsibility!

  19. Frank!frank!frank! How many times did I call u? Guy u no try at all in fact u don carry last 4 dis one walahi

  20. All these things are written so we can learn. A lot of our actions today are as a result of our ancestry. A wise person will ask questions of his past and take proactive steps – spiritually and otherwise to ensure they disrupt negative family patterns in their blood line. Selah! Dont say I didn’t tell you.

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