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fulani herdsmen kill afenifere leader

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Outrage As Fulani Herdsmen Kill Daughter Of Nigeria’s Top Political Group Chairman

fulani herdsmen kill afenifere leader

Outrage As Fulani Herdsmen Kill Nigeria’s Top Yoruba Political Group Chairman

93 years old Pa Reuben Fasoranti, the national leader of the Pan Yoruba Socio- Political group, Afenifere his bereaved. His daughter, Mrs Funke Olakunrin was Friday shot dead by suspected herdsmen along Benin/Ore expressway.

Funke Olakunrin She was said to be traveling along Benin/Ore expressway when she along with others ran into the barricade mounted by the suspected Fulani herdsmen. The herdsmen have been terrorising motorists along the Benin/ Ore highway in recent times.

Vanguard gathered that the assailants wanted to kidnap her alongside other occupants of the vehicle. Reports had it that the suspected herdsmen abducted one of the occupants of the vehicle. The deceased, however, was unlucky as she was shot dead by the suspects.

Vanguard learnt that the deceased was coming from Lagos and was on her way to Ondo town to commensurate with her mother’s family members ( the Awosikas) when she met her untimely death.

Police authorities in the state confirmed the killing of the daughter of the Yoruba leader. Spokesperson for the command, Femi Joseph said the command could not confirm whether it was herdsmen or armed robbery that attacked the vehicles along the road in which the deceased was traveling.

According to Joseph: “three vehicles were attacked at Kajola along Benin/Ore in Odigbo Local Government Area of Ondo State.

“There was a shootout between the suspected gunmen and the police who tried to rescue the victims along the road notorious for accident and kidnapping.

“The three vehicles attacked by the assailants included a Land Cruiser jeep with Registration number AAA 147 KM, one Toyota Camry car and one Young Shall Grow bus. Joseph said that “the person in the Land Cruiser jeep was killed while eight persons were abducted in the vehicles.

The police image maker said seven of the kidnapped victims were, however rescued by the police. Joseph said ” one Gerald Ibuoyikha was kidnapped by the suspected herdsmen.

The seven people who were injured and rescued, he said ,were with the Police.

Speaking with Vanguard the spokesman of Afenifere, Mr Yinka Odumakin said “the action of the herdsmen showed they have declared war on Yoruba land. Odumakin said the Yoruba would not take this anymore and people should expect reactions over the killing of a daughter of the Afenifere leader.

“The herdsmen have shot their AK 47 into the tinny rope that tied Yoruba and Nigeria together. We will not accept this.”



  1. Fifelomo

    July 13, 2019 at 9:21 AM

    Sad, rip.

  2. Damien Njoku

    July 13, 2019 at 9:32 AM

    Buhari shuld clap for himself forusing d Fulani marauder to fulfil his agenda. Who is next

  3. iron bar

    July 13, 2019 at 12:10 PM

    united nations should declare emergency in that nation..we saw these signs and now feeling the effects.wonder how these four yrs will play out with the dullard in aso villa.


    July 13, 2019 at 1:24 PM

    But something has kept me wondering till date and that thing is, Why is it that any armed banditry or armed robbery taking place anywhere in the country is attached to Fulani herdsmen? Do they have any cogent evidence to prove that the Armed robbery attack that led to the demise of that woman was carried out by the Fulani herdsmen? I really don’t know why Nigeria is fond of misplacing and distorting facts and love propagating wrong information so as to incite hatred, reprisal attacks and violence against other tribes. I could recall when Buhari just came into power and was at loggerhead with the Niger delta militants who kept blowing up series of pipelines to force Buhari to a negotiating table. Base on this back then, whenever their was any issue of robbery attack or any group of gun men that lunch attack even though the attack took place in Lagos, the media would immediately associate such to the Niger delta militants. Now the attention has now been shifted on the Fulani herdsmen blaming all armed robbery attack on them. The fact is, this twist in our information is not helping matter at all at this volatile and extremely tense period. we are simply fond of pointing accusing fingers on people without launching any investigation. Many criminal elements among other tribes could be dressing and hiding under the guise of Fulani herdersmen to perpetrate evil on the innocent travelers. Let’s carry out investigation and bring those always behind this dastardly act to face the full force of the law and stop spreading unconfirmed information to the public.

    • Jilo

      July 14, 2019 at 4:09 AM

      Well said @ Endurance. I don’t understand why people always ignore the fact and this attitude is the reason why we cannot proffer solution to our problems. Now, there is no more Armed Robbers in Nigeria again, we only have Fulani Herdsmen. Nigerians wake up! lets get our fact straight and let all Southern Governors take proper action if any Fulani Herdsmen is found robbing in the southern states.

  5. DB

    July 13, 2019 at 7:22 PM

    If you are waiting for these so called governors to do anything, you will be waiting in vain because all these south west governors are only after their bank accounts and nothin or no one else. So the question remains, “who will bell the cat?”


    July 14, 2019 at 4:59 AM

    ENDURANCE or what do you call yourself?*****.thank God your know how to endure things no matter how severe.the hand writing is clear on the wall.take your sermon to sambisa forest.


      July 14, 2019 at 4:17 PM

      You know what @JULIUS, it is good a part of your comment is censored. The problem with we Nigerians is that, we are always swift in reaching conclusions on matters that we barely know anything about. I wonder how we can move forward and grow above this mindset and attitude of ours. Even if you were their when the unfortunate incident happen, you still need to give compelling and more convincing evidence to the general public to enable them believe you. At least it is yet to be established by the police and the investigators that the daughter of the afenifere leader was shot by the Fulani herdsmen. Then why reaching conclusion is my question to you? The fact is until arrest is made, the ethnicity of the attackers cannot be ascertained. So let’s always have cool head when incident like this happen. I believe this is the roughest and toughest period in the history of our country where we have an ethnic group threatening the whole of the country with violence. However, caution is needed when we hear a report like this so that we won’t end up inciting violence against innocent Fulanis settling in our localities all in the name of retaliation. Let’s not be pushed to believe that all crime committed in the country are now centered on and carried out by the fulanis. Let’s be civilized.

  7. Fresh toto

    July 14, 2019 at 10:14 AM

    Bunch of dogs…. It comes to you all


    July 15, 2019 at 7:47 PM

    Well,@ Endurance i so much love the way you responded.but don’t you think the menace being caused by these heldsmen is worrisome?

    • teetol

      July 16, 2019 at 3:54 PM

      Come to think of it. Robbers target materials things first and take people’s lives when they discovered you can identify their face. Herdsmen are after lives basically.
      In this situation, no record of the attacker collecting things from their victims but rather being shot dead.
      my reasoning……..

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