Gay Trader Arrested For Rap**g 12-Year-Old Boy In Maza Maza Lagos Granted N500,000 Bail

gay trader rape boy lagos

Sept 7, 2016 – Gay Trader Arrested For Raping 12-Year-Old Boy In Maza Maza Lagos Granted N500,000 Bail

Chinedu Taseaobi, a 30 year old trader was arraigned yesterday before an Ikeja Magistrates’ Court for heinous assault and defilement of a 12- year- old boy.

Taseaobi allegedly committed the offence on August 9 at 30, Badaru Street, Maza-Maza, Lagos, in the Lagos Magisterial District. According to the charge sheet, Taseaobi did unlawfully and indecently assault Kenneth Agbo, a 12-year-old child by inserting his penis into the boy’s anus and thereby committed an offence punishable under Section 135 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State 2011.

He, however, pleaded not guilty to a one-count charge of assault. The defence counsel, Olowa Akindele, thereafter, applied for a bail application on liberal terms.

The magistrate, B. O. Osunsanmi, however, granted Taseaobi bail in the sum of N500,000 with two sureties in like sums. The sureties must be working in reputable companies, who will show evidence of payment of tax. Osunsanmi then adjourned the matter till November 24.


11 thoughts on “Gay Trader Arrested For Rap**g 12-Year-Old Boy In Maza Maza Lagos Granted N500,000 Bail

  1. BEING attracted to your same kind is the worst kind of oppression that the kingdom of darkness can subject a person to. I hope this pervert bags his due sentence without delay.

    WHATEVER COULD a man be looking for in his fellow man’s behind? This practice contravenes all normal human idiosyncrasies. The natural thing for humans is to desire what they do not have. For instance, if I have a 2025 BMW XXG, I am not likely to want to buy that same car for myself again except the one I already have had developed an irreparable fault and I had fallen in love with the car.

    BUT LOOK at them gays! The same nyash they have is still the very same thing they are looking for in other men. Are they saying that there is something wrong with their own! Tufiakwa to them! The mere thought of it is a revolting feeling!

  2. jesus!,i pity the young boy,who knows what the small boy went through when the beast insert his oversize-penis in his anus.wel if say the small boy na my brother,me i no go agree o,i go rape the man back by insert a vry big iron-pipe into his own anus too.

  3. I have always said it, it is not only girls that are at risk of being defiled by perverts; boys also are. Parents, watch out for your children, both male and female. Those neighborhood ball games they go to watch, the ” friendly” associates who admire your children and ask your permission for your children to visit them either at home or office, those people who are forever sending your children on errands that require the kids stopping by their homes where parents are not there; who are these people? Most children are defiled or raped by people they know and some of these people live in the same house as the victims. So tell your kids about the risks and also be watchful. When it happens it has happened and notwithstanding the punishment meted out to the culprit, your child still has to live with the experience so always have that in mind.

  4. Not just good, why grants the monster bail? That boy must be taken away from that environment. Once he’s still there the memory will disturb him. As for you monster, so doing man to man is your choice abi, may God punish you for making the boy go through that pains.

  5. Dat gay man need to be buried alive, why did the authority grant him bail, he will do the same to another person and will also ask for forgiveness. This is nonesense.

  6. #red you are the only one that thought towards my direction.. this shows that we are free to do whatever we like in this country if we have our KUDI in possession… i thought gay attracts a jail term under the law going hand in hand with rape makes it worst i see ni reason for granting him bail.. This NON CUSTODIAL punishment self dab they affect this country oo.

    #clueless human

  7. Dz is gona make it d 3rd time dat ive heard of a matured igbo man being begining 2 wonda if dats d reason day dnt marry early,so dy use young lads as tools for pleasure..if my curiousity is true ,dn it is sad.

  8. This shows how corruption has killed dis country.
    so you av granted him bail to continue defiling children.
    A paedophile walking free. na wa o

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