Teacher Caught With Fake Nigerian Naira Currency Printer In Ibadan Confesses

naira currency printer ibadan

September 7, 2016 – Man Arrested For Printing Fake Nigerian Naira Currency Note  In Ibadan Confesses

Femi Faweya, a 68-year-old man yesterday said he ventured into printing fake currency because he was duped N200,000.

Faweya was paraded with his accomplice, Segun Fayose (42), at the Oyo State Police Command Headquarters, Eleyele, Ibadan, for procuring a currency printing machine with which he had duped many people.

Faweya, who claimed to be a former Grade 2 teacher, said he needed money to take care of his three children who were in the university.

The suspect said he got the machine Fayose and had been printing N500 and N1,000 notes with it in order to recoup the money he lost to fraudster.

He said: “I live at Ijokodo in Ibadan here. I used to photocopy the materials with a photocopy machine.

I was introduced into the business three years ago by Bayo but he is late now. He duped me of N200,000 without doing anything for me. About two months ago, someone gave me a printer for the business.

11 thoughts on “Teacher Caught With Fake Nigerian Naira Currency Printer In Ibadan Confesses

  1. Is it Nigeria as a Nation that duped you hence your carrying out your “revenge” on the entire citizens of this country ? Can you imagine, any of us may have lost our hard earned money in exchange for the fake printed by this fake Baba! Well, Baba, I am certain that before you see the end of this matter the police will teach you that printing counterfeit currency is a Federal Offence, and you do not have my sympathy at all. Fake Mint Man! Mchweeeew!!!

  2. You guys are too old for this business, it is no business for people like you. If you have a son into such business will you advise him to continue or to stop, shame on you old men.

  3. oga grandpa so they dupe u 200,000 naira and u venture in to the business to recover ur money abi?,ok,now dat u r in the business, the people u r duping are they the people that duped u? even if they are,havent u recover u up to 200,000 since u started the business to stop?.so times they say grey hair is sign of wisdom.grandpa this ur own grey hair is sign of foolishness.

  4. Huh, I lack words for this. But this is a complete grandpa na… huh.. so bad.. what are u teaching ur fellow citizens huh?.. MAY GOD FORGIVE YOU GRANDPA AND GRANT YOU KNOWLEDGE, WISDOM, AND UNDERSTANDING TO CHANGE FROM ALL THIS. MAY GOD GRANT YOU A GOOD BUSINESS WHEN YOU ARE OUT OF THE POLICE CUSTODY.. AMEN.

    And So…

    #LGO: Life Goes On..#

  5. the man get mind oooo, so u were this intelligent and someone stil duped you. u venture into printing fake currency your day of doom is now

  6. imagine 68yrs old man with white beards involving himself in such an illegal business.. he wan turn sanusi at all cost.

    i wonder where criminals do get there statement after they’ve been arrested they will just come up with something to appeal to people’s emotion but meaningless…i know for sure they will be granted but i wish you suffer jail term for inflicting pains on some innocent Nigerians.

    #clueless human

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