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Genevieve Nnaji Logo Unveiled! Lagos Artist Victor Ibeanu Honours Nollywood Actress Genevieve In A Unique Way

genevieve nnaji tribute

Lagos-based graphic designer Victor Ibeanu honoured Genevieve Nnaji with this mind blowing tribute yesterday.

“Great women today are the history makers,I may not know a lot of them but this is one I admire her personality a lot,one of the the minds behind the greatness of our Nollywood industry today,one who had her own challenges and even some heartbreak which she had to look over just to move on to be where she is today. I see you as one person millions of people look up to (I fall under that category too and I’m proud) because your story is a course people will do anything to study,you’re the complete definition of a “Dorian Gray”my new design I worked on today in your name @genevievennaji I hope you like it,thanks.”

Check out the artistic logo he created in Genevieve’s name.

genevieve nnaji logo
genevieve nnaji logo

Well deserved honour.

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