Germans Have World’s Most Powerful Passports In 2016, They Can Travel To 177 Countries Without Visa


germans world's most powerful passports

February 29, 2016 – German Citizens Have World’s Most Powerful Passports, They Can Travel To 177 Countries Without A Visa – Survey

German citizens now have bragging rights as holders of world’s most powerful passport while United Kingdom and US citizens fell into multiple spots.

In Africa, Seychelles ranks #1 and 31 in the world while the giant of Africa, Nigeria ranks 92 in the world.

German citizens can visit 177 countries without a visa while Britons can enter 175.

US travellers can travel to 174 countries in the world.

This new list was compiled by Henley and Partners, a global leader in residence and citizenship planning with over 20 offices in the world.

See the complete list of world’s most powerful passports below.

world's most powerful passports 2016world's most powerful passports 2016