Girl Chained By Father In Ibadan Oyo State Rescued

girl chained father ibadan

November 6, 2016 – 10-Year-Old Girl Chained By Father At Ring Ring Ibadan Oyo State Rescued

An innocent girl tortured by her father in Ibadan the capital of Oyo state has been rescued by police.

The torture victim identified as 10-year-old Precious John was locked up in a room for 3 days by her father without food or water before police came to her rescue.

Police said the girl was rescued yesterday inside a house located in Ajeigbe area of Ring Road after neighbours alerted them over the incident.

She is currently receiving treatment in a police clinic in Ibadan while efforts are being intensified to arrest the fleeing father.

6 thoughts on “Girl Chained By Father In Ibadan Oyo State Rescued

  1. The father named her Precious and yet tortured her with three days dry fasting. I wonder how he would have treated her if she was not precious to him!?

  2. Haba,,this is serious,,! ‘Re u sure the man’s ok upstairs? Imagine while many ‘re lookin up 2 God & would do anythin 2 have a child,,,the man’s busy playin with d precious gift God Almighty has given him,,,,
    Why’s he runnin?,,,Ewu Zambia,,,! Stories like this really gets me upset,,! Atleast 4 once d Police has done well by saving the little girl,,buh if I may ask,,,where’s d mother?,,,, cox her presence really matters in d life of the little girl who must have seen hell as a result of the torture,,! Lord have mercy!

    #it’s alright,,!

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