Photos: Donald Trump Dragged Off Stage By Security Agents In Reno Nevada

donald trump dragged off stage secret agent

Nov 6, 2016 – Pictures: Donald Trump Dragged Out Of Stage By Security Agents At Rally In Reno Nevada Over Security Threat

The Republican Presidential candidate was speaking at a rally in Reno Nevada yesterday when Security Agents suddenly rushed him out of stage after an apparent security threat.

He was in the middle of his speech when he suddenly paused and looked into the crowd to see a man making threatening statements against him.

The billionaire American businessman was immediately dragged off stage by two Security Service agents.

A man was later escorted out of the venue by armed policemen.

Donald Trump later returned to the stage to continue his speech.

13 thoughts on “Photos: Donald Trump Dragged Off Stage By Security Agents In Reno Nevada

  1. BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY! YOU KNOW you never can tell when a sniper is hiding somewhere. But then I feel if anybody should be under threat, it is Hillary Clonton.

  2. It is like the so called “civilized societies” are beginning to copy the “third world” behaviour ! Na wa ooo !!!

  3. So oga Donald,,,u no won die abi?,,,meen no b by runnin o…buh any ways prevention’s better than cure..!


  4. I wish some politicians like Koku Anydoho in Ghana will be dragged from stage for his insult in campaigning

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