Goldie’s Husband Ex-Wife, Ifeoma Warns “Enough Of Your Lies, You’re Hurting Our Kids”

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Feb 20, 2013 – Goldie’s Husband Ex-Wife, Ifeoma Warns “Enough Of Your Lies, You’re Hurting Our Kids”

The ex-wife of Goldie Harvey’s husband, Ifeoma Harvey who used to be a bosom friend to the now late Goldie has accused her husband of bigamy.

Ifeoma claimed Leonard Andrew Harvey went ahead to marry Goldie at Ikeja Lagos marriage registry while still legally married to her.

She even said they both got married at the same registry.

Ifeoma has changed her Facebook profile picture to reveal her real identity.

On Monday she took to her Facebook page to sound a serious legal warning to Goldie’s husband.

Read the warning below.


LEONARD ANDREW HARVEY I have had enough of your lies and allegations about our marriage and your relationship with SUSAN.

This is my time to speak about our marriage and relationship.

Leonard Andrew Harvey married me Ifeoma Harvey and when we started having issues we were not fully divorced and he secretly went and married Susan ( GOLDIE ) in NIGERIA and their wedding took place at IKOYI REGISTRY OFFICE in LAGOS and that was the same registry office we both got married.

Leonard Andrew Harvey i think you have alot of explanations to do and pls do not push me to the limit because this will result to alot of prosecutions on your part.

Leonard Andrew Harvey be careful of what you are doing and saying cause you are hurting our kids.

This is your final warning anymore of your lies i will instruct my lawyers to issue proceedings.

Na wa oooo…… Where is Goldie now to defend herself?

These people should just allow her to rest in peace.

21 thoughts on “Goldie’s Husband Ex-Wife, Ifeoma Warns “Enough Of Your Lies, You’re Hurting Our Kids”

  1. Can this woman just find some peace for herself. a sick man in Malaysia suddenly got healed, accessed his facebook page and was able to apply for visa? do we look like learners? a report says goldie got married @ ikeja, u said ikoyi,can u jst move on? How many women are out there with runaway husbands and yet they are doing fine. Try to manage your situation, leave the dead and hope/pray to have a good ending when ur sun sets too. Whether goldie snatched or raided ur so called husband is no one’s headache. Now she’s gone, who’s the next lady u gon’ pounce on? i am not judging no one since u couldnt even challenge her when she was alive. your cry over spilt milk? Live your life.

  2. Ifeoma if U are woman enuf U would have kept ur abino mistake of a husband. Not allowing him jump to Goldie like the DOG he is! Am disappointed in Nigerian gurls that just go 4 any w**te pig. Gosh!!!

  3. Where are u ifeoma,u call urself, when Beautifull Goldie was are life,why after death,she cant defend herself and now u big fool ex,as u call urself want to use this death to get known in uk,Nigeria and world. no way let her RIP and ur ex sick husband is not coming back to u, i can see reason why he run away from u and marry Goldie and even after death,he will marry another woman, i pray he get well,just cos of ur children ,they need both close ur mouth Ifeoma and get urself another husband or be happy single mother,that not bad also.

  4. pls let Goldie b she is resting now.
    face ur so call husband &don’t disgrace ur kids &ur remaining little pride plssss.
    where u dey since 2005?
    why u no sue Goldie husband,sorry ur husband since till now?
    Plssss No wash ur dirty pant 4 outside again ooo.

  5. Hmmmm! I am not here to judge. Cos the bible says. Judge not. Ifeoma. U need Jesus. Do u seek from God before you marriage dis man? If i may ask,where do u meet this man? And y are u disturbing the all nation with your issue? For those of you here too learn this. We can only say rest in peace when peopl died. Buh do you know if they are rest in peace? Anyone who has no Jesus in his or her life and he or she is not doing his will. Will never rest in peace. Plz examine yourself now. Death is certain


  7. Ifeoma, I believe if you are a good woman, your husband would not have left you for Goldie, let the lady RIP. And if you truly got married to Harvey, prove to the world by posting wedding pictures, or were you the one that was stealing with Goldies Husband, getting Pregnant and giving birth. Smh for Nigerian Desperados.

  8. My dear there is nothing more, u jst want make names out of Goldie’s case. Pls let her rest, God knows wht u dont KNOw

  9. Ifeoma, it is really confusing if you are really a Nigerian and an Igbo lady for that matter. You should know that it is very wrong to be seeking for very cheap publicity by attacking the dead. I can ensure you that if you do not keep quiet and allow the spirit of the dead to rest in peace. The spirit of Goldie will eventually attack you and you may not survive it. I do not require a response from you. This is just an advice, and I will be waiting for your cry, if you wish to continue.

  10. Gold is death,any allegation u have against her is not important any more,we all need to change our ways,the end is now,pleas let ask 4 forgiveness,this is a lesson 4 us all.jesus is calling us all.

  11. D evil dat men do lives after dem even after deir death,it is clear dat both Goldie and Ify were gold diggers looking for white men to destroy, any way may God have mercy and forgive us all!!!!!!!

  12. Ur right. Why are they coming out now? D family should warn them to allow that girl’s soul to rest pls. Or is there somthing dat belong to Godie dat they want to claim or what.? Our people says,the dead don’t die ears,i hope she’s hearing them.

  13. If i hv d opputunity i’ll mk sure dz ifeoma slips in kirikiri…or i’ll mk her tk confession bfor d alter of God dat she hz no hand in susans death…..were wz she evr since….were wz d andrew evr since….plzzz dz alltin is mkin me pissed off….if no member of d family cn gv us a detail report abt thier daughter..dey shud all shut up n let d dead go to slip.

  14. we should stop talking here and there. this is good. nodbody knows why dis girl developed wat went into sudden death for her. if questions are asked, ifeoma will answer. she’s been bearing a grudge or two. also, alll de girls dat are always interested in their friends husbands, think twice. a word is enough for the wise.

  15. Na wa for sum nigeria women ooo…wen she is alive y dont u clam wat is rightful urs? Nw she is dead nd u r making noise, Ifeoma or wat dat ur socall name let d dead RIP u hear? Pray dat God shuld forgive u r sins coz u dont know wen death will cum..

  16. Well you guys shouldnt persecute only Ifeoma,please try to find out what Goldie did…Nigerian girls can be very desperate these days,so something must have happened between the threesome…Remember Goldie was Ifeoma”s Bossom friend,so the tendency of Goldie snatching the white man from Ifeoma is there..Please think twice before commenting..

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