Meet Ifeoma Harvey, The Woman Who Claims Goldie Snatched Her Husband, Andrew

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Feb 18, 2013 – Meet Ifeoma Harvey, The Woman Who Claims Goldie Snatched Her Husband, Andrew

Pictured on the left above is Mrs Ifeoma Harvey, the former wife of Goldie Harvey’s husband, Andrew who accused the late Nigerian singer of snatching her hubby.

In a letter sent by her friend Bukola Alakija yesterday, Ifeoma accused the deceased of rendering her man useless after she allegedly used charm to snatch him from her.

Ifeoma and her husband, Andrew Harvey had two children together and she is still based in the UK.

According to Ifeoma, the charm Goldie used to snatch her man has been rendered ineffective due to her death.

Ifeoma and Goldie Harvey used to be best friends before her relocation to Nigeria from London.

She claims Andrew Harvey is lying sick at an hospital in Malaysia.

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21 thoughts on “Meet Ifeoma Harvey, The Woman Who Claims Goldie Snatched Her Husband, Andrew

  1. U said goldie snatch ur husband, u must be a fool 4 sayin dat. U didn’t say any tiny when she was alive. Now she is dead, u are d one dat kill her. If I should be goldie patient I will get u arrested. Jail is where u belong. If u can’t say some tiny in my face when m alive, isn’t when m dead u got some tiny 2 say. U no wat f**k u, get ur a** back, murder s**ker

  2. Why hasn’t she said anything, all this while, the dead was alive?
    Did the juju also jazzed her to forgeting how&’when’ to react?
    These frivolous persons,should allow the dead rest in peace!

  3. Ifeoma you must be a devil infact you are not a good wife that is why the run away from you and chose Goldie as good wife. i suggest you they should hold responsible for killing Goldie

  4. Why hasn’t this Ifeoma of a woman come out since to accuse Goldie when she was alife and why now? To us her fan, we don’t believe you’re saying the truth so please leave the poor girl to RIP. It’s only cowards that behaves as you have done

  5. Fan or no fan. Taking your friends husband to bed is a big mess not even to talk of marrying her. Surprised with all these reactions. Some people hardly even knew she was married until she died. keeps boy friends over the globe. Is that what you are all defending.

  6. She is trying to be famous let her show her wedin pics ,,,Atleast Goldie has wedin pics, to show that she is legaly married to Harvey,,,she is jst crazy an confuse

  7. Where have you been since. In yr prsence Goldie rose to fame and died. If all your claims are true, then you’re a big fool and a coward.

  8. na wao, instead of make u talk say u wan dey popular , u com dey spoil dead person own, how i wish goldie go giv u heavy knock for dat dul brain of urs, where u dey al dos tym way she dey alive, fck u ifeoma

  9. dis is tatally noncenssticaly noncence dat woman should be arested by traying to put soroow upon sorow on de faces of naigerians bcs base on wat she is saying nown she might b de one who killed de disses.

  10. Both of them hide everything, Goldie hide her marriage,Ifeoma hide the snatch husband issue too, the dead is gone but both of them had skeleton in the cupboard and everything coming out when Goldie can’t defend herself makes Ifeoma a coward, the dead can never be blame, simply let her RIP.

  11. I heard about goldie snatching her best friends hubby even b4 her death when she released dat song “mo le gboko lowo e”. I wonder where all ds celebrities get their nerves frm to do evil. They leave the single guys and opt for another woman hubby. May God help me ladiess oh

  12. Ifeoma, I wonder which type of home you are from. Is this the time to open up? Why did you not come out with all you are saying now when Goldie was in the Bigbrother House? Imagine the scandal that your revelation would have caused because no one knew Goldie was married. Only someone who is not God-fearing will judge Goldie now. She is not around to tell her own side of the story so you are having a field day. What is clear to me is that Goldie was legally married to Andrew and the evidence is there for everyone to see. Both sets of parents were in attendance at the wedding. If you have issues kindly go and sort them out. Don’t come to the social media to insult the memory of the dead. The way you are going, you could be accused of sending by express the demonic arrow that killed her. Andrew is there for you now, grab him. It is very un-african to rejoice over someone’s death. Please allow her to rest in peace.

  13. When there is no jesus in people’s lives,they tend to misbehave…..but remember that “the fear of god is the beginning of wisdom but the fear of man is the beginning of witchcraft”

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