Governor Ambode Warns Kidnappers “I Will Do Everything To Ensure Lagos State Nigeria Is Safe”

March 7, 2016 – I Will Do Everything To Ensure Lagos State Nigeria Is Safe – Governor Ambode Warns Kidnappers


In the wake of the arrest of the kidnappers of 3 innocent school girls in Ikorodu Lagos, Governor Ambode has warned all kidnappers and other criminals to desist from their nefarious activities in Lagos State.

Amboded today said that his administration is poised to spread its security searchlight to every nook and cranny of the state.

Her him:

“We know that Lagos is safe, we are reiterating once again and sending a final warning signal to all the criminals and miscreants that have been disturbing the peace of Lagos, this time around, we would be in every nook and cranny of Lagos to secure the lives of everyone,”.

17 thoughts on “Governor Ambode Warns Kidnappers “I Will Do Everything To Ensure Lagos State Nigeria Is Safe”

  1. Please stop shouting and act! Are you just hearing about all the robberies that happen on the roads or even the kidnapping that you are talking about. Lagos is safe indeed!!!

  2. And stop sending any warning, first or final to robbers and kidnappers and just do something to stop the problem and keep lives and properties safe. Since you took over the governing of Lagos state, Lagosians have been living in fear. Do something quick.

  3. Too much talks. U dnt rily need 2 warn dem, just close in on dem n they ll get d mssg.

    Criminals ar neva afraid of a barking dog bt a biting one. Some Lagosian hv bcm so harden dat 4 u 2 succeed in governing d State, u MUST as a matter of fact, apply some form of rugedity.

    Action speaks louder than voice in Lagos.
    To make my day, I hv 2…


  4. Take action and stop disturbing our peace, after all the ranting you will go to your mansion and relax while the common man will remain in constant fear for their lives

  5. A very welcomed development. Keep up the good work governor as long as it is in the interest & betterment of your state & country

  6. Good talk your excellency-Gov. Ambode of Lagos state. But talk is cheap and meaningless without accurate actions to back it up. Sir, if I may remind you, former governor Raji Fayose was very successful because he was able to sent crooks, criminals, and armed robbers away from the state in one year of his first term in office. Sir, You can do better than your predessor by asking for more policemen from federal government since creating state police is illegal for now; by budgeting for the provision of vehicles, cars, communication equipments to Lagos Police Command, and by creating a phone or email channel through which Lagos residents and visitors can quick log complains of any suspicious or abnormal activities without revealing the identities of the callers. Finally sir, you have to be tough and make your prosperious state uninhibitable for criminals, kidnappers, armed robbers, and other crooks that want to use “Center of Excellence” as their hideouts. Wishing you the best as you begin to draft new security measures with Lagos politicians, military, policemen, private investors, traditional leaders, and Lagos residents.

  7. Ambode if u mess up i wll come and kidnap u and demand trillions of naira which ur family cant provide so keep quite.

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