Governor Rotimi Amaechi Escapes Death In Convoy Accident “The Crash Was Organized” – Joseph Mbu

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July 4th, 2013 – Governor Rotimi Amaechi Escapes Death In Car-Convoy Accident “The Crash Was Organized” – Joseph Mbu

The Governor of Rivers state, Rotimi Amaechi is very lucky to be alive following a serious accident involving his convoy and a Toyota Avensis on his way to the Port Harcourt Int’l Aiport via Igwuruta road.

According to eye witness reports, the driver of the Toyota intentionally rammed his car into the convoy of Rivers state governor on Wednesday.

Luckily no life was lost in the accident.

The reckless driver of the Toyota Avensis with plate no AAA 767 AQ has been arrested and handed over to police for proper investigation.

Rivers state Commissioner of Police, Joseph Mbu showed no sympathy when he lambasted Amaechi by calling him a dictator.

Governor Amaechi has requested an immediate redeployment of the Rivers state Police commissioner, Joseph Mbu whom people believe is on the same side with top politicians who are political enemies of Amaechi.

24 thoughts on “Governor Rotimi Amaechi Escapes Death In Convoy Accident “The Crash Was Organized” – Joseph Mbu

  1. Yeye people! Please take the Toyota Avensis driver to hospital for treatment. I believe that this Amaechi guy is a joker, looking for every opportunity to draw attention to himself.

  2. d embattled Gov should go and make peace wit his political opposition& parties. Cus he is a prodigal son.

  3. what relationship dose the accidenthave with the commissioner of police?pls reporters try and do ur job well

  4. OKOTAOBURU your an imbecile. which power that be except God. should ABUJA made all men worship them does n’t AMAECHI have right to disagree wt ABUJA? tell ABUJA to learn 4rm wt happend 2 ex-president morsi of egypt, WE SOON MIGHT DEMOSTRATE AGAINST ABUJA!

  5. Abeg make una pity the driver ooo! He’s jst a victim of circumstances! Sir, I thank the Almighty God for saving ur lives.

  6. This is what we call politics, he escape the first missile, he need to be careful for the other ones that are on the way.

  7. GOD has a reason for making you an over comer irrespective of the challenges that was before he is same GOD replace his car, treat the driver and let him go for GOD WILLat all time vindicate you, for he has already promised you that when the ways of a man is found pleasing onto him he make his enemy to leave at peace with him, for your enemy this day shall hence forth leave at peace with you

  8. To GOD b d glory coz no 1 lost in d fatal accident, but it is adviceable 2 take d driver 2 d hospital 4 proper treatment not police station 4 interrogation.

  9. The toyota avensis driver is my dad! Yes he is, my dad is not a politician & has never been involved in politics all his life. The accident according to my dad happened because the traffic on the opposite lane on which my dad was travelling was asked to stop abruptly all because the governor & his convoy were going to the airport! This made the driver in front of my dad to brake suddenly & my dad while trying not to hit the driver in front of him swerved & ran into the kerb which made him run into the other lane & into the governor’s convoy. I wonder why they would stop traffic on the other side of the road for the governor, it is only in a lawless country like Nigeria that such could happen! Thank Almighty God my dad is alive & well, what innocent citizens go theough in the hands of the high & ‘mighty’ in our society is really appalling.

  10. Amaechi is a prodigal and traitor son that should stop disgracing Niger Delta. Stop cooking all this stories and give dividend of democracy to the people of Rivers state instead of using state monies to finance northern agenda. They will just use and dump him

  11. Why calling mbu, he who plan evil will harvest from it. I only pity innocent members of his team. Death will continue to hunt Amaechi until he stop the blood of innocent people of the state.

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