Handsome Nigerian Men Who Married Foreign Wives (Pictures)

nigerian men married oyinbo pictures

Feb 23, 2013 – Handsome Nigerian Men Who Married Foreign Wives (Pictures)

Last month NaijaGists.com exclusively shared with you pictures of beautiful Nigerian women who married foreign husbands, if you missed the article, click here to view the pictures.

Since we shared that article, we have received tons of requests from ladies asking us to show them guys who married foreign wives.

To fulfill our promise, below are pictures of handsome Nigerian men who married foreign wives.

Me and my lady…..

Nigerian man marries Irish beauty queen

The Naija boy wey marry grandma bride

For better for worse….

Yoruba actor Yomi Fabiyi who married oyinbo lover

This one no comment….

Me and my darling…..

The cutest couple in town

The yahoo boy hit the jackpot

Angel of my life lalala….

Don’t mind those who married grandmother wives…. Age is just a number….all that matters is love…..LWKMD.

38 thoughts on “Handsome Nigerian Men Who Married Foreign Wives (Pictures)

    • Hey Naija people.. ‘age is just a number, bla..bla..bla’.. This guys married this grandmothers ONLY for something calls IMMIGRATION. didn’t you hear about this word? come on! (and of course money talks too when they live abroad). But don’t worry, They are going to dump this grannys as soon as they get their new passport.

      ps. I am a white YOUNG beautiful girl dating a Naija Man. He is older than me and we are in LOVE for real. God bless Naija people. I love you all!

  1. Its a good one age is just a number,how can i be connected to oyinbo woman for marriage tank more greeze 2ur elbow

  2. One thing is that the world is really turning upside down,we are a people of culture we not just any nation of people as a traditiionalist nation of people we dont’ suppose to marry foreing women because is a taboo,I have been living abroad for good ten years but I always stay away from foreing wife is a curse to any man or woman that marries them,I am racist but that is just the plain truth so my people wise up.

    • John ur head no correct
      waity u dey took so
      keep in mind that love is blind!!
      hear urself: ” I’m racist” so why don’t u stay in naija where u belong?
      I’d like to see the face of this stupid guy who call himself naijaboy…

      • John, which one is a taboo there? To marry a foreigner? U beta go and cover ur face. Age is just a number, it means nothing. U can marry anyone that pleases you.

    • to john: u b mumu ooo. go live inside jungle … what type of tradition is a curse to mary human being because of nation is that in ur religion?? mumu

  3. What do u mean by age is just a number??? Marry a young lady so dat wen u are old, she will take care of u. From mare looking @ doz pix, i can safely conclude dat doz guyz where KIDNAPED…. Dat is nt marriage bt madness… Wats d world turning to??? I advice dem to marry dia mothers age mate dan dia Grandma…. Dis is absurd….

  4. Is it by force to marry oyinbo,even if you want to marry oyinbo you look for nice beautiful lady, not woman old enough to be their mother, old agag .

  5. nawoooo,waitin dis pipo mama nd papa cm talk,hw is d lady going 2greet d man in d morning, bc in africa we hav tradition,4me i tink de need medical check up, b4 other small small boys go follow dem, abah dis is abomination, nt ur mothers age oh,ur grammas age mate, d world is cmmin 2 an end

  6. is too bad of u to marry the age of your grandmother as a wife i beleive is bcos of money those guy dey do dis madnees wedding.

  7. Nigerian guys 2 d fall hand…. Cos of moni, u d marry ur mama age… Buh!! Even d oyibo women 2 wowo sef… Gosh!!!

  8. abeg my fellow nigeria guys dey do the right thing for them to marry their grandma’s age mate….. Afterall the woman go soon die so dey can inherit her properties…. Carry go joor… No mind hater,make dem dey run their mouth

  9. oh my God why marry all the rejects just because she’s white? you got so many beautiful intelligent women in africa. ugrrr! they are urgly!this is marriage with an intentions, either your stay abroad, money or experience.

  10. 2 marrry old oyinbo woman na him sure past ! If I c oyinbo woman wey get ballary like Christy watson I swear I go love her so far ! Welldone and great job for guys who marry Oyinbo and I understand una ! Age is a number k

  11. this one na typical madnes 4 dis guy cal demselvs bigboiz stuf,u guyz way mary foreigner u day craz dat is y ur country is nt functioning anymore.u dat supos to rule ur country u r doin rubish.so rediculus.se doz monster n d picture.

  12. This just shows the state of our nation, the hardship, which result to what frustrated citizens of a country can do. How many white men as married black african women of those age all in the name of love, love my ass. What a pity nigeria 4 sale!!!

  13. Al of them cheat with african women,am proud of my skin (BLACK) am proud to come from africa and am also proud of my country Nija.

  14. do u know why they are married,they are so many reasons resulting to their odd marriages,i wont call this love.Its all about the money and the residential ID known as the GREEN CARD PASSPORT.

  15. single soul I respect ur opinion on this matter. but the fact remains: it should only be a problem when two people marry if one is deemed unfit to marry, in this light, the person may be too young to marry or anything as such. but the difference in age between the couple or woman being older than man is something very subjective. u can’t go judgemental on someone because his wife is older than them. if the two are mature and able to make their own decision, it is their choice and their problem. if anyone of them will need to take care of the other in old age, it should be their worry and nobody else’. I believe that anybody who married think about these things before they marry. and this thing of somebody marrying another of a white race is a taboo, that guy who said that should be slapped. I think all humans are just thesame. the only difference is colour. in as much as I love to keep to culture, I love interculture. so I am totally for interatial marriage

  16. I am not from Africa, African descent yes but originilly from the Caribbean. At the end of the day, once he or she is of age to make a mature consenting decision between themselves,society should not be at a place to be immersed in the people’ affair. They have to live with each other and the outcome of the marriage whether it be positive or negative.

  17. Well, It’s Ones Choice. If I Have The Choice To Marry An Oyibo Aged Wowan I Will Be Happy And Cleave To Her, Yes I Will.

  18. I married a beautiful oyibo woman from Slovakia 23 years ago. We we both in our twenties when we married. We are blissfully happy and we love each other deeply. She is a wonderful wife to me and wonderful mother to our beautiful children. She cooks all my native foods and she is truly a woman of God.

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