Happy Birthday To Me, Myself & I

naijagists birthday

August 18, 2015 – Happy Birthday To Me, Myself & I

Today is my birthday dearies,

I want to say a special thanks to God Almighty for this awesome privilege.

To everything that is joined to the living there is hope.

I’m excited today for Christ in me is the hope of glory.

Wishing myself a very happy birthday.

Catch you in few hours time… Oga on top wan take me for dinner.

Please bear with me… Today na my day.

13 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To Me, Myself & I

  1. Happy birthday to u my dearest daughter in The Lord . U are the one of angel that God send to this world . I am someone who appreciates the work that you are doing. God will give you long life and prosperity and lots of happiness shall come in the days ahead.

  2. I am also a sayer of happy betdays upon you. Enjoy life well. God love you and I follow loves you. But na why was you cover your face? Are you not want make I sabi you? I go sing Inyanya song for you.
    Girl I want to see your face, your face.
    I want to see your face, your face.
    I want to see your face o, your face.
    I maruma ee.

  3. Waooo. Happy birthday my dear. Why did u cover your face and left the baby’s face uncovered ? I wish you many happy returns of the year, long life and prosperity Amen.
    I like reading’ Niger gist’ , although some o*******
    But continue your good work, i likje proactive pple like you.
    God Bless !!

  4. May your days be count in happinest and peace of mind, your journey on earth will not go vain in Jesus name(AMEN),

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