Happy Birthday To Prophet Gbenga Rotimi ‘Ki Ni Iwo Nfe’

Sept 3rd, 2014 – Happy Birthday To Prophet Gbenga Rotimi ‘Ki Ni Iwo Nfe’

A special birthday greetings to Mr Onih Emmanuel Okhira, a popular commentator that usually go by the name of Prophet Gbenga Rotimi Kini Nwo Nfe.

He hailed from Uromi in Edo State.

Please join us in wishing him a happy birthday.

16 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To Prophet Gbenga Rotimi ‘Ki Ni Iwo Nfe’

  1. Happy brithday emmanuel but why do you always attach your number to comment
    Is God the one sending you to do that.

  2. This guy is a fraudster why is he bearing a Yoruba name when he is a benin guy
    People beware.
    Happy birthday

  3. Kudos to you guys for exposing this fraudster using the name of Christ to lure people
    I once flashed the number and cut it off

    People like this are jobless desperados looking for people to dupe

    I commend your effort

  4. @ Emmanuel why are you tanishing the yorubas with your fraudlent activities
    I have followed your comment for a long time I noticed you suddently change your name to gbenga from wayhib,you don’t need all these
    pls don’t put a curse on yourself find a legitimate business or job to do

  5. Special thanks to all my wishers and this wonderful media, you will all remember for good things in jesus name(AMEN).
    Thank you all.

  6. Prophet Gbenga tell us your real identity please stop dropping number
    if it is money you need, I can drop you 100K right now stop fooling others

  7. I refused to congratulate this man for blocking his face in the above picture. Please tell me, what manner of a prophet uses a different name on his online profile instead of his real name? Nigerian people should be very careful with the so called fake pastors, criminal prophet, fraudster prophetess, fake Bishop,and and many more jobless people roaming about different places and online looking for innocent people to defraud. Another thing that is what noting about this man is that he always leaves his phone number at the end of all his subtle comments on this media. This man is 100% suspicious for covering his face on his birthday on this platform. The Bible says, ” beware of wolf that come to you in a sheep clothing. ” The Holy Bible clearly warned us to beware of false prophet in this last days and we were told that by their fruits, we shall know them. My Naija people shine your face anywhere you may be or go, so that you don’t fall a prey to criminals disguising themselves as children of light. Thanks.

  8. Do mind d **** Emmanuel or wateva u call ur useless name,if u av sometin good to offer y broadcast ur number?u tink u’re called shey?**** starving monkey

  9. Na wah o. Gbenga. I av been looking for you all these years. I even searched up ur name on facebook. This is bukky 234. Ur matric num was 233. U remember ur me at fedpoffa. U can call me 07035549641.

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