Happy Birthday, Yusuf Motunrayo Is A Year Older Today

yusuf motunrayo

April 17, 2014 – Happy Birthday, Yusuf Motunrayo Is A Year Older Today

A beautiful fan of this aproko site, Yusuf Motunrayo aka Angel Zee is a year older today.

Check out more sexy photos of the birthday girl below

Please join us in wishing her a happy birthday.

18 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Yusuf Motunrayo Is A Year Older Today

  1. HALLELUYAH, Is another moon of celebration.
    Happy day by days on your journey in life, May the Lord grant you peace, happeness and good health to enjoy the good you will labour for in jesus name(AMEN).
    * 08038433483 #

  2. She is beautiful though but her dress sense is below par, she still has a lot to do to enhance the natural beauty she’s endowed with otherwise her beauty will only attract “certain categories”of admirers, unfortunately. Go to the villages and towns all over Nigeria there are very beautiful looking young ladies like her, even in our markets across the country; who have never stepped into a classroom. What sets Yusuf Motunrayo apart from these rural folks is probably her education but Motunrayo Yusuf certainly comes across exactly like some of these raw and untainted rural market girls. Motunrayo, Islam doesn’t stop you from enhancing your beauty by dressing well, it can only take your personal weakness in dress sense to settle for what you wear, which in your opinion in this case you think is trendy enough and worthy of exhibit on a news media. Bad, unfortunately very bad.

    • Hi namesake, sorry I’m replying late. Just saw ur msg. Hmmm…. Words from a fashionista isn’t it?? Lol! Anyway, thanks from the comparison to the “rurals”. Makes me feel awesomely…. I’m amazed though at the rate at which ur words were “censored”. Speaks a lot about your kind love. Thanks all the same. #peace

  3. thou you are beautiful , hbd first… you need to upgrade on you dressing code and also the kind of places you take photos.. rememeber you are on a social media …….. hbd sexy ………

  4. So this is the beautiful face of Angel Zee ? wow girl you are very beautiful,I love those sexy eyes of yours.Happy birthday girl and lots of love and happiness + peace and above all the best health from God.sorry i was not around on the D day to wish you this.But good wishes are never late.happy birthday.

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