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Heartless Man Kicks Wife & Baby Out Of Matrimonial Home, Moves Girlfriend In

man kicks wife baby out home

Heartless Man Kicks Wife & 9 Months Old Baby Out Of Matrimonial Home, Moves Girlfriend In

“I’m broken to pieces, I’m so hurt and I’m at the verge of losing it.

I’ve been married for two years and we have a son.

My so called husband never misses clubbing every Friday, still I don’t complain, I see different calls and messages from ladies on his phone, I still chose to ignore.

You won’t believe I had to travel for just three weeks, guess what I found when I got back.

First he had changed the lock to the gate, without telling me about it.

I had to get someone to help break the lock. When I entered the house, I discovered another Lady had moved into my matrimonial home.

I couldn’t believe my eyes, when he came home. He had no excuse and he was not sorry, Infact as I type this, he has packed my things out.

God knows I never wronged this man for once. I’m with a nine months old baby.

I’m 26 years, and right before my eyes, my whole world came tumbling down.

Well I have decided to just accept the fact that he is gone, and work with my last breath to ensure I take good care of my Son.

I just had a fibroadenomas surgery done. And he could not even call to ask me how it was. I am deeply hurt. Anyway, I believe this tribulations shall pass.

Please I need advice from everyone, what business can I start on social Media with 50k?

I can’t afford a shop right now. Please help me with ideas.”

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