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3 Killed In Ondo Days After Helicopter Dropped Arms & Ammunition For Fulani Herdsmen

helicopter drop arms ammunitions fulani herdsmen

3 Killed In Ondo Days After Helicopter Dropped Arms & Ammunition For Fulani Herdsmen

Fulani Herdsmen Attack Arimogija Ose Ondo Residents, Kill 3

3 persons have been killed by suspected herdsmen in Arimogija community in Ose Local Government Area of Ondo State.

Some residents were said to have fled for fear of further attacks.

The residents said the three persons were killed in their farms during the week.

They also alleged that they saw helicopter dropping arms and ammunition for the herdsmen inside the forest but the police did nothing after making a formal report at the police station.

One of the residents, who simply gave his name as Adeola, said they were living in fear.

According to him:

“The herdsmen have killed three people in this community, in just one week. They killed a rice farmer, Jacob Odushe and his son, Adura this week. They killed another boy, Victor Ejeh. The boy’s corpse was found in the bush after a week that he was declared missing. The cuts on his body showed that he was killed by the bandits .

“Again, few days ago, a helicopter was sighted in our community and we later found out that the helicopter brought some arms and ammunition into the bush for the herdsmen to continue in their attack against us.

“We want to appeal to the state government to come to our aids , we need serious presence of security agencies in this community and we don’t want to be taking laws into our hands.”

Special Adviser to Governor Akeredolu on Security Matters, Alhaji Jimoh Dojumo, who confirmed the killings said Governor Akeredolu has sent some security agents to the area to maintain law and order.

He said:

” I have been there with some people , the people were so bittered about the man and his son that were killed. As they saw us they started protesting but I was able to calm them down.

” They were apprehensive of the fact that they said they saw a particular helicopter that came to the bush and they were suspecting that the helicopter brought some Fulani to the place to come and attack them probably at night .

“But Mr Governor has sent some solders there, as I am talking to you soldiers were patrolling the community.”

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  1. Dawaye Georgewill

    April 3, 2020 at 10:55 PM

    Don’t doubt what those villagers are saying

  2. Austine,chimex

    April 5, 2020 at 8:18 AM

    useless country

  3. Jilo

    April 5, 2020 at 9:15 PM

    Soldiers patrolling the community is not what the people needed right now. They need to comb the farm and fish out those killers. Wow! this issue has gone beyond community clashing, the Fulani herdsmen have graduated from laying ambush to weapons supply via helicopter. What this Governor never realized is that he, himself is in trouble because the way they came in via helicopter, they may come the same way to invading his office, take over his government and possibly kill him. Rotimi Akeredolu should cry out and make it a national issue.

    One thing about we Nigerians is, we never step up and address the most pressing issue until when it is too late. This is not a joke because the entire State is in siege. The only people who have access to helicopter are the Uniformed men, Military Airforce, Police, Navy and few individuals. Let us account for how we operate our helicopter in this Country. People have been spotting some military men around Borno dropping weapons for the herdsmen, Boko Haram and Bandits. We are destroying ourselves. Nigerians are the ones killing themselves. We need competent leaders who can investigates and bring the traitors to justice. The way the issue of herdsmen going on now, it may lead to total breakdown of entire system and when things fall apart center can no longer hold.

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