Hello From The Other Side

hello from the other side

Hello From The Other Side

It has been a roller coaster ride since NG suffered a minor setback.

Regular update will resume today.

Apology for my no show in the past couple of days.

And to those I have offended make una forgive ya sista.

The setback I am talking about was discussed in this post.

From today onward, expect at least 10 update everyday.

5 in the morning and 5 or more at night.

Working to get things sorted out.

We currently have a temporary office, we will soon get back to normal.

Thanks for your understanding.

And to everyone who encouraged me in one way or the other thank you and to those who cursed me out, please make una forgive and forget. I no know say una sabi my tori until I got several emails from frustrated visitors.

And to that special ‘bobo‘ **winks** who offered to pay me not to QUIT BLOGGING, I thank you plenty. God go bless you. Blogging is my hobby so I can never quit.

I will soon gist una everything that happened in between my shuttling between Naija and CA.

I have been going up and down in the past 8 weeks trying to get things sorted out.

Love you all.

Stay strong and be blessed.

10 thoughts on “Hello From The Other Side

  1. You are so beautiful . I appreciate your openness, I know something must be going wrong, you are not the type that keep quiet this long. Say me love to ur people. where are you in California

    • Is not her picture weyris dey there o. Naijagist woman is fat. She is hide her face and cannot posibul to show am. But from her hand writing, I know say she fat.

  2. Naijagist I am dey happy say you are dey well again. Sickness is not killing you, you hear? I am pray for you every day when I smoke igbo finish. Wetin de vex me be say you no de smoke igbo. Are you think say it will make you kolo? Is not posibul. If Mrs Eranko is smoke, who no fit smoke? Na why I love Mrs Eranko. The two both of us is a smoking chimini with igbo.

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