HIV Positive Woman Arrested For Breastfeeding Neighbour’s Baby In Zimbabwe

hiv positive woman arrested zimbabwe

Oct 16, 2013 – HIV Positive Woman Arrested For Breastfeeding Neighbour’s Baby In Zimbabwe

The woman pictured above named Annie Mpariwa is currently facing charges for intentionally breastfeeding her neigbhour’s baby without the mother’s consent.

The 39-year-old alleged prostitute is HIV positive. Her HIV status was made public after she tested positive at a local clinic during a routine check up.

She allegedly snatched her neighbour’s 14-month-old baby girl and hid her in her room.

After several effort to find the baby proved abortive, the mother went to knock on Mpariwa’s rented apartment door.

She later peeped through the door only to see her child being breastfed by an HIV positive woman.

I nearly fainted,” she said, adding that her breasts were leaking milk yet she was not a nursing mother or pregnant.

The toddler’s initial results were negative. Mpariwa was arrested last week on charges of common nuisance and should the child test positive; the charge will be raised to “deliberately infecting another person with HIV”. The mother of the 14-month-old baby said seeing her child being breastfed by her neighbour was traumatising.

What a wicked world! If you were the mother of this innocent baby, what would you do?

25 thoughts on “HIV Positive Woman Arrested For Breastfeeding Neighbour’s Baby In Zimbabwe

  1. Even the look on her face is evil she intends to kill the innocent baby
    nemesis has caught up with her
    who knows how many people she had infected.
    If this happens in my area in Onitsha, she’ll be put to death

  2. What a dirty ugly heart,she is an evil wicked queen in woman form.her punishment should be extreme and slow since she was ready to watch d baby die slowly.

  3. aaaaaaa oh my God, am already crying reading dis, wot a wicked world !, she dont want to go down alone, if i am d mother i wil make sure she suffers it miserably such as first of all i wil anonymously abduct her in d bush for 3 days with heavy tuture, i wil pour her fuel and light it for her to feel d pain of evil,den on de 4th day i wil disable her one leg and release her to go home and die,,;,,Enugu Boy Desaya FINE-BOY 4 LIFE,, when dem price dem go pay

  4. Hunter don’t say dat,d mother of d child has every right 2 let her baby play outside..cos she didn’t knw wot was cumin…don’t blame her

  5. Terrible world indeed God have mercy, what den will she gain by infecting d innocent child,she deserve to be in jail.

  6. Hahaha this woman go fit act patience Ozorkwo aka(susana/mama G) role for nollywod movie, very funny woman with f**k face

  7. some pple ar agent of distruction to dis world.God pls do not allow dat child to b infected.As 4 u woman,u will face d rot of d law nd above frm God.Except if ur change 4rom ur evil ways.

  8. A dwemon may have possessd her to deal with her. So d demon must have pushed her to do d act. If she undergoes serious deliverance section, she will be soo SHOCKED TO D BONES THAT SHE DID SUCH WICKEDNESS. I pity d baaby. God is watching.

  9. I alwys say d world is comn to an end. Dis very bad woman dat knw within hrslf will not last long on earth again. Instead of asking God 4 4givness of her past, she is addn mor gravances to ar bloody soul. Don’t kill her let her concence judge hr

  10. :((:(( What a wicked world!!! I beg You God to just show Your power over dis innocent baby bc i know You can change every situations IJN….Amen!.

  11. Mere looking at her you will see demons in her eyes. This is a satanic agent to the core. God, save your children from this wicked generation. I pray the innocent boy keeps testing negative to the HIV. In Jesus name, I pray. Amen. The woman shd be jailed for life. She is a society and health risk

  12. D shld place d baby on anti rectrovital drugs nd reapeat d test after 3mths,4 breast milk to come out means dat is nt d frist time of d breast feedin,she has been doin it. D baby wil nt be infected

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