Lao Airlines Plane Crash Killed 49 In Pakse,Thailand

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Oct 16, 2013 – Lao Airlines Plane Crash Killed 49 In Pakse, Thailand

44 plane passengers have died today in Thailand.

According to officials, the Lao Airlines plane conveying 49 people (French & Thai Citizens) from Vientiane to Pakse town crashed few hours ago killing everyone on board.

At least 7 French, 1 Canadian citizen and 5 Thai Citizens were among those who died after the plane went down 8 km from an airport in Champasak Province in southern Laos.

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said he had learned of the deaths with “deep shock and great sadness” and that France was rushing embassy officials to the site of the crash.

Pakse is a hub for tourists travelling to more remote areas in southern Laos.

“I can now confirm, according to our reports, that all 49 people on board have died, including five Thai,” Thailand foreign ministry spokesman Sek Wannamethee told AFP.

Pictures on Thai television showed a small plane, half submerged in the river, with what appeared to be bodies lying on the banks.

An official at the South Korean embassy in Bangkok told Yonhap news agency that three South Koreans were also among the dead. [BANGKOK (AFP)]

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  1. I tot dey said is naija kialessness, and d aviation section shuld b managed by d white. Dia is a law of certainty, meaning wat most b most b RIP

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