Hon Boris Neenwi Dead: Ex-APC Councillor & Siblings Murdered In Ogoni, Rivers State

Boris Neenwi Dead

Oct 5, 2016 – Hon Boris Neenwi Assassinated: Ex-APC Councillor & Siblings Murdered In Ogoni, Rivers State

The former councillor of Yeghe area of Rivers State has been murdered in cold blood.

Hon. Boris Neenwi was heading home with his siblings (2 males & 1 female) on Sunday the 2nd of October 2016 but on getting to Nonwa Junction in Ogoni, some suspected hired killers shot and killed all of them at the spot.

The deceased who was a prominent Chieftain of the APC party in Rivers State just finished his law program at the University of Maiduguri and was preparing to see his party succeed in the rescheduled National Assembly rerun elections in the Ogoni area when he was murdered.

Investigation is still ongoing to expose the criminals behind the senseless murder.

Here are more photos of the deceased.

apc councillor murdered rivers state

6 thoughts on “Hon Boris Neenwi Dead: Ex-APC Councillor & Siblings Murdered In Ogoni, Rivers State

  1. When people hate each other to point of killing themselves, what will happen when enemies come? Every person should keep in mind the saying that when you kill the torch bearer of your community you can never question God for allowing you remain in the dark!!!
    Wiping out so many members of a family ? Over what ? May God help Nigeria!!

    RIP to the dead.

  2. Hmmmm, 3 generations wiped off. Politics is nothing but a deadly game in NY beloved country. Rip to the departed souls.

  3. And Tomorow You’ll see dis heartless animals going to church, africans most especially Nigerians keeps fooling themselves by comiting evil and yet still religious…

  4. When those who meant good for the nation are eliminated the criminals takes the position of authority and the economy suffers adverse effect even the hired killers will feel the brunt in their homes. Giant of Africa we are indeed. Who are the leaders and what is their profile? Bunch of ……..

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