Hon. Patrick Obahiagbon Gigantic Grammatology

Too Much Grammar!

18 thoughts on “Hon. Patrick Obahiagbon Gigantic Grammatology

    • Sir,as u dey blow dis grammar dey go make u dey translate m in2 helpin de less privilege who does not care about big grammar but food on their table.

  1. He is a victor,a man who have break the onerous barrier in house of rep. Wit its grammer. He was elected as man of the year in house of rep during its tenure as a member.

  2. papa d papa,after u die,we go remember u more than we remember abacha b’cos u don affect our lives positively by making us understand oyinbo well well.

  3. Hon….u r a man of valour ,ifi were in ur shoe i would av use my gramma solve some attaric issues in d house….

  4. Obahiagbon or Ori Agbon(Coconut Head) abi wetin be ur name sef… its so sad that a senseless man like u in the house… U killed the very essence of communication all bcos u want to prove to d pple dat u know some yeye grammer that u are using inappropriately… Prof. Achebe and Prof. Soyinka are ur Fore-father when it comes to grammer and yet they carry their audience along perfectly… Ur days of activism in skool is over, u need to wake up to reality and start communicate like a state man.

  5. Wit out those big big grammar he go fit speak the little one wen we dey speak why he no come dey speal am self than to tell us say he sabi grammar that isd spirit of pride.wit that self he no de carry people along

  6. I personally suggested that Hon Pat should go to England which is the fatherland of English. If i may ask, who is his school teacher? Sir, you are wonderful

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