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Hot Business Ideas For Women, Ladies In Nigeria With Low Capital, Investment

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Hot Business Ideas For Women In Nigeria With Low Capital

By Creative Reporter

Are you a Nigerian woman contemplating on which business to embark upon? I’m pleased to inform you today that there are businesses out there that you can embark upon. A lot of such businesses are highly-suitable for women like you.

Unlike some women in Nigeria who believe that women are supposed to stay at home as full-time house wives not working at all, you need to set your hands on something that is promising and profitable rather than just sitting back at home depending solely on a man for a living.

Although, I wouldn’t ever suggest or, perhaps, ask you to go into slavery in the name of working under a worthless job owner, I would make a list of the most suitable businesses an ideal woman like you can lay hands upon and make a living without depending on any man.

Here are some profitable/suitable businesses you can venture into as a Nigerian woman:

  1. Day-care center
  2. Foodstuff and similar items
  3. Jollof rice Ingredients
  4. Cake ingredients
  5. Snack ingredients
  6. Kerosene
  7. Catering services

Day-Care Center

Are you interested in keeping and nursing children? If yes, this is a business potential for you. In a standard day-care center, up to #5000 is collected on a child per month, whereas, in little lower day-care centers, a child pays not less than #3000 per month.

Let’s do a simple Maths supposing you’re running or starting a sub-standard day-care center. If you’re to collect not less than 3000 Nigerian Naira on a child, and you’re starting with not less than 50 children, then you’ll be earning not less than #90000 in a month which is not less than #1,080,000 in a year. Can you see the profit potential in this business which most women would be so reluctant venture into?

One thing about becoming successful in life is that you need to be an action taker. Action takers are money makers. I knew about a woman in my state who intended to start a day-care center two years ago. When she spoke to me about her intention to start this particular business, I sensitized her on how she could turn it into a nursery and primary school later and she bluntly refused to follow my advice that day explaining that she wouldn’t ever want to go through the stress involved in running a school.

Surprisingly, the day-care center started as she planned two years ago, and she has become a proprietress of 100+ pupils today. She eventually started a school along with the day-care center she started initially and has got more than 100 pupils (Day-care pupils inclusive) within two years. In fact, she’s starting her secondary section in the coming session now.

Foodstuff and Similar Items

Would you love to deal in foodstuff and other similar items? It’s yet another promising and suitable business a Nigerian woman like you can venture into. It has a very high profit potential too like the day-care center business.

One indisputable fact about this business is that people cannot do without eating daily and that’s what makes this business a highly-profitable business for a Nigerian woman. On starting, you can sell up to 50 bags of rice within 1-2 weeks and cash your profits alongside while you continue in the business by refilling the store.

Jollof Rice Ingredients

As you know, people do observe one occasion or the other and there’s no occasion, be it wedding, funeral ceremony, birthdays, naming ceremony, or any other ceremony that people will not prepare jollof rice. Because of this, selling its ingredients becomes one of the most profitable businesses a woman can venture into.

Some of these ingredients include butter, margarine, groundnut oil, Maggi, tin tomatoes and lots more. People rush down to the sellers of these items whenever there is any occasion to observe in their respective families. It’s, surely, a promising and a profitable business.

Cake Ingredients

Aside from the other food items that people always love to prepare for occasions and ceremonies, cake is an important food item or a snack that is commonly used because of what it symbolizes in occasions like wedding, birthdays and the likes.

Selling these ingredients or dealing in it one way or the other can help you make a lot of money. Learning how to venture into this business cannot take an ideal woman more than a week to master everything that needs to be observed while preparing cake. So, when you’re patronized by those who need cake ingredients, you’ll be able to provide all they would need and they’ll continue to patronize you over and over again.

Snack Ingredients

Dealing in snack ingredients is just like dealing in cake ingredients when it comes to the profit potentials. You can make a lot of money too from the selling of snack ingredients because a lot of people make snacks for school pupils, for church members, for office staff and for other categories of people.

Snacks are the major food items prepared as fast foods, and, once you’re known as a dealer or supplier of these ingredients, you may have direct patronage with the big fast food centers like Mr. Biggs, Tantalizers, Captain Cook, Little London, Don Simon, and others.


If you’re interested in selling kerosene in gallons and kegs, you’ll make a lot of profits from this too. You’ll just need to build a big metal rectangular tank for the business so that you can sell in large capacities to the people.

Kerosene is an essential commodity used by almost everybody for cooking, for fueling a lantern, or for burning our refuse. It’s such a profitable business for a Nigerian woman.

Catering Services

If you’re passionate about cooking or delivering catering services to those who need this service for their ceremonies, then you’ve got a great business idea which does not, in any way, affect any other job you may have been doing so far.

People call on caterers  to take over the cooking part of their ceremonies because this is not what they can handle on their own. It’s a style of cooking that is meant for a large crowd of people and, so, it involves professionals’ attention.

Note : Since this article is about low investment businesses, I didn’t bother to mention about others ideas here.

If you have money to invest, you can start a restaurant, an event center, a hotel and oil business.

For more business ideas, visit Creativity Column.

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1 Comment

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