How My Sister Abused & Slapped Her American Husband In Nigeria (Reply To Chika Ike’s Domestic Abuse Claim)


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August 12, 2013 – How My Sister Abused & Slapped Her American Husband In Nigeria (Reply To Chika Ike’s Domestic Violence Claim)

This story is a response to Nollywood actress Chika Ike’s domestic violence claim in her last marriage.

Few days ago, Chika Ike shared a mind-sobbing story of what she went through in her former marriage, how she lost her pregnancy and her narrow escape from death in the hand of her former husband, Mr Tony Eberiri.

Minutes after the actress released her abuse story, some skeptics refused to believe her story stating it’s a one-sided story.

One of Chika Ike’s critics named Chioma has narrated a sad story of how her blood sister used to maltreat her husband in America and how she slapped him during his father’s burial in front of family members in Nigeria.

Hear Chioma in her own words below;

My sister and her husband are based in New York, USA. My sister, her hubby and their two sons visited Nigeria this last April for the burial ceremony of her hubby’s late father. What really suprised my family is the way my sister was treating her hubby especially in the presence of our family, friends and public. A day before her father inlaw’s burial, I caught my sister slapping her husband and I was so furious about that. I confronted my sister right away about her senseless behaviour so that her hubby would know that my family did not support that kind of behaviour. I asked how would she feel if she found her son’s wife slapping him.

I told her that, I would never treat my hubby the way she treated her hubby in my presence. She ordered me to leave their hotel room instead of showing remorse for her bad actions. I reported her to our mother and asked my mother how would she feel if she catch my younger brother’s wife slapping him.

My mother said she would not be happy, and I told our mother that, that was exactly what I caught my sister doing to her hubby, who was still mourning the loss of his father. Our mother sent for her and talked sense into her brain, but she would not listen instead making justifications for her misdeeds. At one point, I was shocked when my sister said, she had to treat her hubby that way because he was a big fool that needed to be scolded at all times.

My mother, myself and my younger brother met with my sister’s hubby and begged him for my sister’s behaviour. The man told us that, that was a piece of what he had been going through in America. He told us that, my sister had called police on him more than twice, trying to get him into trouble, but police never acted on her false claims. Before this visit, my sister used to call us in Nigeria and lied to us that her hubby was mistreating and abusing her, but looking at her behaviour towards her hubby during their visit to Nigeria, it became clear to us that she was the one abusing her hubby. My sister’s hubby is such a nice man and we all knew that before she joined him in America, and we were all shocked when she started talking about domestic abuse about two years after she arrived in America and labelled the man (her hubby) as a monster.

So, I dont buy a single story from Chika Ike’s story. She needs to examine herself so that she will not commit same blunders in her next marriage.

Women are not the only victims of domestic abuse, most men today are also silent victims of domestic violence.