Creative Ways Nigerians, Ghanaians & Africans Can Make Money Online Through Amazon, Fiverr & YouTube

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Genuine Ways Nigerians, Ghanaians & Africans Can Make Good Money Online Through Amazon, Fiverr & YouTube

Good morning friends, I miss all of una yesterday due to a project I announced earlier.

I will share with you some money making ideas that will contribute to your bottom line today.

You can give this a try this weekend.

In response to the creative writing job offer  earlier posted, a fan wrote to ask if there is any other ways to make money online as Africans apart from writing articles.

One of the most common ways to make money online is through blogging (writing articles on your topic of choice).

Though I promised to release a book on blogging in February, my writer disappointed me when he refused to put the content together in a timely manner, the project is still ongoing. I will update you on this later.


If you don’t like writing, you are better off as a Vlogger.

Vlogging involve creating videos on topics you are familiar with.

Many Africans especially women are now into vlogging, though it is not my favourite,  it is still very lucrative.

The most popular platform for vloggers today is

To get started, visit and register. It is very straight forward. There are a lot of tutorials on YouTube on how to create videos, manage subscribers and the rest.

I have personally tried this and quit after YouTube deleted my channels three different times. I feel it doesn’t worth the waste of time and energy.

How can I create over 200 videos and wake up one day to the sad reality that YouTube has deleted my channel. So I quit all together.


If you love to write, this is a good platform to join.

Just create an account as a seller at and start offering your services.

A lot of Nigerians are making decent income writing articles on Fiverr today.

Others who can create and fix website issues are also making a decent living on Fiverr though this is popular among Indians, Africans are still doing it.

The money making platform for freelancers is very interesting in that it provides different ways for people to sell their skill and services.

The downside is that it is over populated.

Every one from all over the world want to make money. You can still make a decent living if you are honest, hardworking and consistent.


Many believe you can only make money by selling physical items on Amazon, that is half-baked truth.

You can make money on Amazon by selling your own books, ebooks and audio books.

If you have what it takes to write an interesting book on any subject you are familiar with, this is a platform for you.

This you can do through Amazon Direct Publishing. Read more by visiting

That is about it for now guys.

I hope I have empowered you a bit to join others making money online.

See you at the top.

If you have any question, contribution or suggestion, feel free to drop it in the comment box below.

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