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How To Apply For Austria Student Visa From Nigeria: Study Visa Fees, Requirements & Processing Times

how to apply for austria student visa from nigeria

How To Apply For Austria Student Visa From Nigeria: Study Visa Fees, Requirements & Processing Times

Seeking for opportunity to study abroad is not uncommon among student. This is because it opens one to a wide range of opportunities and learning experience which may not be available in one’s present location or country. Travelling to other countries also allows one to learn about other people’s culture and everyday life.

It allows one to learn what it’s like to live in other country- the temperature, the food, the climate, the people, the lifestyle, the language amidst other things.     

A hindrance though to many students is the approval of the visa that will allow them visit the country of their choice and study there hitch free.  They keep finding themselves facing rejection for a mistake or the other they committed while processing the visa application. Sometimes, important aspects or documents are omitted and students lose the chance to obtain the visa.

Austria is a country located in Central Europe, it’s capital is Vienna. The official language spoken in Vienna is German and it is bordered by Switzerland and Liechtenstein to the west, to the north it is bordered by Czech Rebublic and Germany, Slovakia and Hungary is to the east  and Slovenia and Italy to the South. The country is popular for summer visitations to its old cities and Villages so do not be nervous that your visa won’t be approved.

To help, we have compiled a list of procedures to follow when applying for Austria student Visa from Nigeria.

Follow them and be sure you are on your way to getting approval to visit the country to study there.   

Which Visa type do you need?

As a student who wants to apply for Austria Visa, the duration of your course matters. Will you be taking a course of 3-6 months or will your course take your years to complete? For a course of about 6 months, your type of Visa required is the type D while for courses longer than 6 months; you may need to apply for a resident permit.

This article will guide you step by step on how to apply for both.

Getting Ready

Before you start making processes for your visa, it is advisable to get some necessary documents and information intact in order to avoid stress, troubles or even delay.

Some of the documents and their requirements are stated below:

  • Photograph: Get two recent colored passport photographs of your full face. Ensure the photographs are clear and has a plain background. The dimension should be about 35-40 mm.
  • Passport: Also, ensure your passport is valid and should most likely not expire anytime soon. It is advisable that it should still be valid till at least 6 months of your stay. There should also be blank spaces in your passport as well (a minimum of two pages). The blank spaces are for the visa.
  • Letters: Get your admission letter from the school which offered you admission. This will help confirm strongly your admission status. You can also get a letter of invitation if it’s possible.  
  • Proofs: You will be asked to show proof of sufficient funds in your account. This, you will do with a bank statement issued by your bank or a cheque issued for a scholarship grant. In a situation when you d not have one, you can tender any of your parent’s .In other cases, as an intending student of their country, you may be asked to show proof of tuition payment or grant which has covered school fees.
  • Proof of health insurance should also be made available.  The health insurance should cover the tenure of your stay in Austria.
  • Proof of accommodation may also be required.
  • Certificates; Your birth certificate will be needed to ensure the processing for your visa goes smoothly. Also, a police / FBI certificate that shows you have committed no prior criminal offence will be needed.

Application Fees

Applying for Austria Visa from Nigeria costs about €80 for adults and €50 for minors.  Getting the residence permits also costs an additional payment of about €100.

The Residence permit is to be issued by the  issuing Authority in Austria.

Application Process

If you have gotten your required documents and your application fees ready, then you are good to go.

Applying for the Austria Visa from Nigeria is done through The Austria Embassy in Nigeria.

They operate on Mondays to Thursdays within 9 am and 12. The Embassy observes the Austrian holiday and therefore is usually closed on Oct 26 to commiserate the National’s Day, Dec 25 of Christmas Day, Dec 26 for St Stephen’s Day and August 15 for Assumption Day. While at the Embassy, biometric data of the 10 fingers is captured and stored.

Austria Embassy website:  (

Austria Embassy Address In Abuja

The embassy is located at 9, Usuma Street, Maitama District, Abuja.


Your attention may be required at the Embassy to answer a few questions or shade more light on your mission to Austria during your application process.  It is advisable that you dress properly/ smartly, arrive at the embassy before the stipulated time, be of good conduct and answer questions asked eloquently. Do not be evasive while answering   question and go straight to points.

Processing Time

After application and appointment, the visa processing may take about 1- 4 weeks. Therefore, getting the required documents or necessary pre –application procedures shouldn’t be delayed to ensure that one applies as soon as possible.

Follow this laid down instruction strictly and you will find your visa processing to Austria easy.

Many of these countries want people from other countries to visit their country for study purposes, which is why they open their application in the first place.  But then, a lot of students make mistakes which jeopardize their chances of being able to get their visa or residence permit approved.

Be careful and adhere to any instruction you are given during the application process. Adhering to the laid down rule will help increase your chances of having your visa approved.

Wishing you success in your onward journey to Austria. Please stay safe over there


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Ariyo

    January 29, 2019 at 7:49 AM

    Am ariyo by name, I applied for Austria residence permit here in Nigeria for study over almost a year now and I haven’t heard anything from the university up to date. Please what can I do? The agent helping me said the new president changed the country policy has affected the time frame given all the students. I don’t know what to do, please advice me. Thanks

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