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How To Apply For Denmark Study, Student Visa From Nigeria…Application Form, Processing Fee & Wait Time

how to apply denmark student study visa nigeria

Guide To Applying For Denmark Student Visa From Nigeria…Application Form, Processing Fee & Wait Time

Denmark (also Kingdom of Denmark) is a country in Scandinavia whose main part is a peninsula called Jutland. It consists of many islands amoung which is Funen. Denmark also has a number of higher intuitions which specializes in various courses of study. They have Technical University like the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), Business Schools like the Copenhagen Business School (CBS), Artistic higher education institutions like Danish National Academy of Music, The Royal Danish Academy of Music, Design School Kolding etc. Therefore, the country is quite suitable for education if you are considering studying abroad.

    But for one to get the chance to be educated in Denmark, one has to have a visa for easy access into the country. This is the part that many students find formidable. They keep getting rejected whenever they apply for visa into the country. This occurs as a result of one error or the other committed during the application process.

    To assist students who may show interest in applying for a Danish Student Visa, a compilation of the required procedures when applying for the student visa has been made.

    Here are the steps to follow when applying for a Denmark Student Visa From Nigeria:

Visa Type
When applying to study in Denmark, know that you will need a residence permit which will be like your long term visa. Only people visiting for a few months will need the Schegen which is the short term visa. The short term visa is for people visiting for leisure, meetings or conference. The duration of course to be studied determines the type of visa that will be allocated to you. Hence, if your course requires you to be in Denmark for years, a residence permit is what you need. Although, you may have to renew your visa at a stipulated time (yearly) and will have to apply for another one if you still wish to stay in Denmark after your education.

Required Documents

Before you start making processes for your resident permit or Student Visa for Denmark, it is advisable to get some necessary documents and information intact in order to avoid stress and delay. Some of the documents required are stated below with their specifications:

    • Photograph: The passport photograph require for your visa application is the Passport-sized. It should show your face clearly and long hairs or caps shouldn’t cover any part of it.
    • Passport: Your passport should be valid and up to date. It should show the required information about you, your country of origin, birth date, official stamps amidst other things. If you also hold visas to other countries or to the UK/US, you can also provide them.
    • Letters: Acceptance letter, admission letter or letter of invitation may be required to show proof of admission or invitation to study in Denmark. The letters are to be issued by the institution officially. this letter will contain other vital information about your admission to the institution.
    • Proofs: Proof of financial means will be required. This is to be shown with a bank statement of the past four to six months. Proof of scholarship grant may also be required in the case of scholarship or a letter from the parent taking full responsibility of sponsorship. Proof of payment for accommodation is also necessary or any arrangement made concerning accommodation.   As a Nigerian (immigrant) you may also need to show proof of health insurance
    • Certificates; Another important document that will be required is your Birth Certificate. It should be genuine and correlate with your present acclaimed age.

   Application Fees

    Presently, the required amount for obtaining a Danish student visa is 2110 DKK. The money can be paid In different ways, both online or at the Embassy. Ensure the money is paid through the right channels to avoid falling a victim of fraud. Receipts are issued after payment.

Application Process

After applying online for your student visa, a physical appearance meeting/ interview will be scheduled for you to meet a Danish consulate. There, you will be asked to elaborate more on why you are traveling to Denmark ( visit purpose). Biometrics is also captured at the Embassy for  security purposes. These captured biometrics( of all the ten fingers and a picture) are registered and stored in their data base. Refusal/failure to submit biometrics may lead to the rejection of your visa application.

    Remember an appointment has to be scheduled for you at the Embassy before you are able to see a consulate.

Also, the Embassy is usually closed during weekends and on days declared as public holiday by the Government. Such days include Christmas Day- December 25, Independence Day -October1,Workers Day -May 1 and other National public holidays.

Also, on days when they are opened, they operate between 10:00 and 16:00. Endeavour to meet up with appointments as early as possible to avoid jeopardizing your chances.


Denmark Consulate, Lagos

Measerk House

121 Louis Solomon Close

P.O Box 72554

Victoria Island


Contact number: +23412626430


      After Application

    After your application, it is possible to keep track of the processing online by using your VAC number(found on the receipt given to you after submission) and your date of birth.

Processing Time

After applying for your Danish Student Visa, you may have to wait for  a period of about two months. Sometimes, it takes only a few weeks. Therefore, starting your application process immediately you get your offer for admission is the best. If you start your application late, classes may have started before you get your visa and approval to travel.

Having your visa to Denmark of very advantageous because it opens the door to a lot of other opportunities. Having your Schengen visa allows you to travel to many other European countries within the Schengen zone without stress.  You do not have to worry or stress yourself out when you want to visit other European Countries aside Denmark. Countries like Spain, Hungary, Iceland, Switzerland, Netherlands, Italy, France and many others can be visited with ease.

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