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How To Calm Down Anxiety, Anger & Panic Attacks!

how to calm down anxiety

How to Calm Down Anxiety, Anger and Panic Attacks: Learning to Relax and Enjoy Life

Living in the world we do, anxiety can now be tagged ‘normal’ because of its rate and frequency of occurrence. Due to pressure from work, family, peers and others, people tend to worry and become more mentally unstable. Anxiety reduces efficiency as this limits the ability to focus and get something done.

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Out of all these challenges and pressures that cause anxiety, it is still possible to leave an anxiety free life. Find out how.

How to calm down anxiety and stop anxious thoughts Naturally

Nervousness is a sign of anxiety. There are some lifestyle changes that can help put anxiety in check. They are:

  1. Getting enough sleep

Sleeping helps your brain relax thereby making it able to perform its function more effectively. Getting enough sleep also helps in relieving one of the symptoms of anxiety which is insomnia.

  1. Letting go of caffeine

Letting go of caffeine completely may greatly give relieve to the symptoms of anxiety in some people. Caffeine may cause nervousness and research has shown that the intake of caffeine may cause or make the symptoms of anxiety worse.

  1. Eat healthy

Poor diet can be a cause of anxiety in some people; this is why eating balanced diet is encouraged. Eating anti-inflammatory foods will help reduce the symptoms of anxiety. Too much sugar has been found to make anxiety symptoms worse so avoid the temptation of grabbing some sweets or chocolates when you are anxious.

  1. Exercising

Exercise works for the general wellbeing of the body and the mind is not left out. This helps in the treatment of anxiety because regular exercise has been found to be as effective as the conventional medication for anxiety.

  1. Reduce the intake of alcohol

Abstaining from alcohol makes you have a lower risk of anxiety. Though alcohol on its own is a sedative and may calm you at the first shot but sticking to alcohol will only get you addicted. As an anxious person, if you must drink alcohol, it shouldn’t be more that 3 drinks per week.

  1. Deep breathing

Taking deep breaths when anxious will help keep you n control and it will also help reduce the fast heartbeat rate that is associated with anxiety. Drawing slow breaths will help restore your normal pattern of breathing and also reduce the anxiety.

How to calm down a dog

Dogs too suffer from anxiety. Different dogs react differently to things so the symptoms they show during anxiety are different. If your dog is nervous, you can help it by

  1. Looking out for what is making it anxious

Your dog may be anxious because of something it is afraid of. When you find it (the cause), try to minimize the view or shield your dog from being exposed to it.

  1. Petting it

Get your dog to a dark room that has little or no disturbances and slowly touch and pet it. This will make the dog feel relaxed and recover faster.

  1. Go for aromatherapy

As lavender helps humans recover from anxiety, so can it help your dog. Its smell has a very calming effect for dogs. There are other smells that may help your dog, find out from a veterinary doctor.

  1. Take a walk with your pet

Walking will help release the unused energy and nerves your dog may be trying to let out by anxious and hyperactive. Don’t let your dog meet with other dogs until it is calm.

  1. Check yourself

Most times, our dogs mirror our emotions. If you have been nervous and moody lately, your dog will also reflect it. In this case, the best way to help your dog is to mask your own emotions or take care of it for good. When your dog sees you relaxed and happy, it will be also.

How to calm down when angry

Do you get angry easily or do you have anger issues I general? Do you overreact just because you are angry don’t have an idea on how to stop being? If yes is your answer, check these out.

  1. Take deep breaths

This is a very effective way of gaining control and being relaxed when you are angry. To do this, sit upright in s chair and breathe in deeply and slowly. When doing this exercise, it’s important to focus your mind on the breathing alone. This will help free your mind from whatsoever is getting you mad.

  1. Count one to ten or backwards from fifty

Focusing on doing this exercise can help clear the mind fro, anger and panic. If you do this and still find yourself angry, repeat the exercise or try counting backwards from 100.

  1. Take a walk

Sometimes, it is better to walk away from the scene to prevent you from reacting the wrong way (this is if the incident does not require immediate treatment, you know what I mean). When angry, walk to a place you can clearly think and find a solution to the problem.

  1. Listen to music

Listening to relaxing music can help you get back on track. This works better if the music is familiar and brings back pleasant memories.

How to calm down from panic attack

Panic attacks occur suddenly and it is best to use this tips when it does:

  • Know that it is a panic attack
  • Practice deep breathing
  • Close your eyes to avoid seeing what’s causing you the attack
  • If what is causing the attack is not visual, then try to focus on an object, colour or shapes so that you may be distracted from the attack and then be relieved of your symptoms
  • Apply some drops of lavender or other helpful essential oil to your hands and inhale.

How to calm down when stressed

There are different types of stress: the acute and the chronic. The acute is the one that comes quickly and then goes away but the chronic is more severe and can cause damage to the body. The following can help give you primary relieve from stress in general:

  • Take a walk
  • Breath
  • Drop what you are doing and relax your mind. You can also do something that helps you find relieve
  • Find an easier way to get the work done.

How to calm down when nervous

See how to calm down anxiety and stop anxiety thoughts: how to reduce anxiety naturally.

Feeling anxious for no reason? What should I do?

Anxiety is caused by many reasons which stress, traumatic events and genetics are part of. There are also different triggers of anxiety which may be an event or thought which makes your brain respond in an anxious way. If you feel you are anxious for no reason, it could be because you are not aware of what is triggering yours.

If this is your case, you can reduce the symptoms by trying out the natural or conventional therapy for treating anxiety. If your symptoms get worse to the extent that it makes you worry and causes you so much distress that your daily activities are being interrupted, it may be time to go to a doctor as it may be a sign of a severe anxiety.

How to calm nerves before an interview or presentation

Anxiety before an interview or presentation happens to many people. This fear is normal but if not dealt with early enough can make a mess out of your day. If you find yourself in this shoe, you can help yourself by

  1. Taking a short walk before the event commences
  2. Jotting the key points of what you studied on your phone, it will help you remember.
  3. Preparing for the worst and keeping in mind that it will last only for a short while.
  4. Having an after plan, prepare a place you will go to clear your head when you are done.
  5. Taking your time to enjoy breakfast, you’ll appreciate the energy it’ll provide
  6. Speaking confidence to yourself, tell yourself you can do it
  7. Trying the S.T.O.P method:
  • Stop everything you are doing and pay attention to your thoughts
  • Take some deep breaths
  • Observe your emotions and figure out why you are feeling them
  • Proceed with the aspiration to achieve what you observed in your actions.

How to calm down before an exam or test

Most people experience anxiety before exam (exam fever) because they are not fully prepared for the exam while others read and prepare in every way they can but still find themselves nervous. Are you nervous before that exam, or test? Which of the classes are you? Well, it doesn’t matter; just try these to keep yourself from screwing up in the hall.

  1. Get prepared. If you are not ready, what will be your answers when the time comes?
  2. Sleep well so you can wake up strong and refreshed enough to crush
  3. Eat a great diet
  4. Get to the exam venue early. I believe you know you should have packed up all you need in the bag you’ll be using the night before. Forgetting something can make you more nervous than you should.
  5. When you get the question paper, take deep breaths before reading the instructions carefully.
  6. Start, flow and don’t let anything distract you.

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