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how to stop think about someone who hurt you

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How To Stop Thinking About Someone Who Hurt You & Your Ex After A Breakup (Best Mind Diversion Techniques)

how to stop thinking about someone who hurt you

How To Stop Thinking About Someone Who Hurt You & Your Ex After A Breakup (Useful Mind Diversion Techniques)

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  • how to stop thinking about someone you hate
  • how to stop thinking about someone who hurt you
  • how to stop thinking about someone you miss
  • how to stop thinking about someone you hate
  • how to stop thinking about a girl you like
  • how to divert mind from negative thoughts

The mind is the birth place for every thought and the things we spend our time thinking about definitely affects us either positively or negative. Our minds sometimes replay events that happened during our day and this is perfectly normal but for our minds to consciously stay on a particular issue, it means the subject of concern is of great importance to us.

Have you found your mind pondering on things you’d really love to forget? Are you constantly battling with those thoughts that make your day less favourable? No matter what the thought may be or what it may be about, there is a way out. The following will be of great help to you.

How to stop thinking about your ex after a breakup

When we fall in love, oxytocin the love hormone is released by our bodies to aid bonding. This means that there is a hormone in your body that makes your bond with someone you love to be stronger as the days go by. This bond is usually hard to break, one of the reasons being that love tends to grow more when it meets with obstacles. The following are things you should do to help you get your mind off your ex.

  1. Take some time to grieve

When a breakup happens, your body loses something (this is because of the bond that was built) and it becomes very much aware of its absence. If you really want to heal, then you must allow yourself to mourn but be careful lest you mourn more than you should (the period of mourning depends on you and the kind of bond that was created).

  1. Accept it

This is usually very hard to do especially if the relationship ended suddenly without much signs. You have to believe that it is truly over; hoping for it to come back will not help you. Take it and walk away.

  1. Do not make further contacts

To free yourself from your current entanglement, you have to cut all links and communication routes. Don’t call, text or stalk them on social media; even looking out for a call or message from them is not healthy. Take out their pictures and everything that reminds you of them, your wellbeing is more important than anybody.

  1. Learn something new

Putting your entire mind to learn something new and interesting will help you take your mind off your ex. If there is something you’ve been having in mind to do, go for it; it is a great step to freedom.

  1. Consciously take them off our mind

Despite all these suggestions, if you are not willing to let go of your ex, you won’t, so you have to make the decision and consciously stick to it.

How to stop thinking about someone you hate

Hate can be as strong as love and one must be very careful when dealing with a hateful situation. If you are battling with hate, take yourself through the following steps.

  1. Find out the reason for the hatred and deal with it

The first step in getting to stop thinking about someone you hate is to deal with the root; what is the source of the hatred? Take your mind back to why you hate the person. When you find this reason, take a final action on it.

  1. Accept and Forgive

To free your mind from hate, you have to know that you cannot change the past that’s if they hurt you, but if they didn’t, you have to learn to accept them the way they are.

  1. Throw out everything that reminds you of them

A great step to forgetting about a person is by taking away everything that brings them to your mind. If you can stop remembering them, then you are a step closer to forgetting them.

  1. Consciously replace the evil emotion with something positive

After dealing with the root source, forgiving and letting go of all that reminds you of them, you need to deliberately take out every evil emotions and replace them with good ones. Most times, hatred comes with anger so next time the thought of slapping the person you hate comes up, try to see yourself smiling at them like all is well instead. It sounds foolish but frustrating your evil thoughts is one of the best ways of killing them.

How to stop thinking about someone who hurt you

  1. Be truthful to yourself

When you’ve been hurt, accept it. Don’t try to prove you are too strong to be hurt. Identify the pain and accept it, pretending what happened didn’t get to you will only make the pain linger around for a longer period of time.

  1. Cry if you need to

It has been proven that when a person cries, a great deal of emotion gets released. Imagine you letting go of half of the pain of the hurt you feel by simply crying, it’s great right? So the next time you feel like crying about that issue, pour out your heart and tears, shout if you need to but when you are done, avoid crying for the same issue again.

  1. Block them

Seeing the person that hurt you over and over again will only make the hurt feel fresh. Block them and get them out of your sight, when you do, they’ll be some miles away from your mind.

  1. Stop reliving the memory

It was painful, I know but you cannot continue to hurt yourself when the person that caused you the hurt is living in bliss. Love yourself enough to save your delicate heart from the hurts that you can now avoid.

  1. Stay close to your loved ones

During this time of hurt, you need the people that love you more than the people who don’t. Experiencing love after being hurt can take your mind away from both the hurt and the person that hurt you.

How to stop thinking about someone you miss

  1. Communicate with the person if it won’t remind you of a hurtful past

Life is simple if you want it to be, if you miss someone, call i.e if hearing from the person won’t call you more pain or if they are still available. If calling will only make you feel worse, strike out this action.

  1. Get busy

The only reason you spend all your day thinking of the person you are missing is because you are not busy enough to forget them. Of course this is a temporary way of getting your mind of a person but it is also a training ground for your mind on how to be okay by yourself.

  1. Consider new things that make you happier

Think of something new that will make you happy, try a new skill or hobby. Consciously involve your mind in getting to know it better and you will realize that your mind has slowly shifted from the person you are missing.

How to stop thinking about a girl you like

Love if returned can be the best thing but if unrequited, it can be a great disturbance to the mind. If you find yourself falling for a girl you don’t want to, try these:

  • Accept that you have feeling for her
  • Address the reasons you can’t be together. If she’s seeing someone else or doesn’t just want to be with you, take it and move on
  • Get your mind to other important things, this will help divert your attention from her
  • Avoid seeing or speaking with her and take the time to grieve your loss
  • Give yourself time; there is nothing time cannot heal.

Mind diversion techniques: how to divert your mind from negative thought and depression

Negative thoughts give birth to depression and this will definitely get you crushed; it kills your self-esteems and buries it. You cannot get rid of depression if you cannot manage those crazy thoughts that continually pop up on your mind.  You can do this by:

  1. Identifying them

These thoughts are relatively connected and they have almost the same set of attributes. When you see these signs, know that they are present:

  • Self-blame
  • Predicting negative occurrences
  • Being in search of bad news
  • Over-pondering on a little fault.
  1. Letting them go

Negative thoughts tend to linger more when we fight or hold on tightly to them. The next time a downgrading thought comes in, don’t fight it, just quietly take your mind off it. When it continually loses your attention, it will realize it’s time to pack up and leave.

  1. Replacing them with soul-uplifting ones

Sometimes, the best way we can help ourselves get away from negative thoughts is by correcting them immediately they come up. If you’re wondering how you’ll ever be able to do it, relax. You can do this by looking for the next positive thing that replaces that thought.

For instance, if you start thinking “I don’t think I’ll pass that exam”, replace it with thoughts like “I’ll pass it if I give myself to studying for it”. With this, you’ve been able to disable the negative thought and you can make it permanently disabled by working with your resolved positive thought. Execute the plan.

I end by saying.

Your mind is very powerful; with it you can build or destroy your life. Don’t let anything temper with your success and peace.

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  1. Comfort Adaralegbe

    June 22, 2019 at 12:07 AM

    I broke up with him on Monday when I discovered a lady has sponsored him to New York. Am really upset I just don’t want to think about my ex now. He is automatically my ex as his explanations is making no sense.
    I have been really upset since then, I hope I get the courage to move on

  2. Ella George

    June 22, 2019 at 12:16 AM

    you have greatly improved, am loving the new style of article.
    pls do more of this

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