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How To Have A Long Lasting Happy Marriage… 5 Secrets Of A Successful Marriage

How To Have A Long Lasting Happy Marriage

By Mark Biaye

How To Have A Long Lasting Happy Marriage… Steps To Take To Enjoy Your Marital Journey


For many people, the answer might be NO, while for some, the answer might be affirmative. The issues arise as a result of the increase in failed marriages. Every year, the divorce rate increases and as such, quite a number of people are fearful of committing to a partner. Contrary to the public opinion, however, having a lasting marriage is possible.

This article focuses on what partners can do to have a successful marriage.

  • LOVE

Without love, a marriage will never last. Love is the heartbeat of a relationship. So before you get married, make sure it is to a person you are in love with. And if you realize that you do not really love the person, then don’t marry him or her.


A relationship without communication is like a tree without water. Eventually, the tree would wither. Without communication, partners would eventually fall out of love. Learn to talk to your partner. Communication will help to build a bridge between yourself and your lover. You both come from various backgrounds, have different cultures, and view things differently. Communication helps you to understand each other. Try not to use hurtful or sarcastic words.  It helps to treat each other better and is instrumental to a lasting relationship.

Methods such as passive-aggressiveness and silent treatment are not effective ways of communication. However, clear open channels are needed to communicate properly. One’s spouse should not feel attacked during a conversation. Try using words like ‘it would be more beneficial if you can…’ instead of saying ‘you cannot’. This will help strengthen your marriage and make it more successful.


Couples will hurt each other repeatedly. However, without forgiveness, the relationship can’t last. Learn to forgive your partner. Focus on the good. Forgiving isn’t always easy, however, when hurt, remember you would definitely have hurt your significant other.

Forgiving isn’t a onetime thing. For your relationship to last, you must always be ready to forgive. It is important to remember that forgiveness isn’t achieved when you still bear grudges against your spouse. When your lover apologizes, do not bring it up in later conversations. Let it go.


Commitment is necessary for relationships because when two persons are committed to each other, they will be willing to sit down and work out their differences. When disputes arise, commitment helps you to think of how you can resolve differences and not how the relationship can end.

Commitment helps you both realize that you are now a team and as such have to work together to resolve differences. Relationships are not always rosy. Sometimes, commitment might just be what saves a marriage.


As they say, respect is reciprocal. If as a husband, you want respect, you should be ready to respect your wife in return. Do not interrupt your partner when they are talking, because they might feel unimportant if you do. If you however interrupt, apologize immediately.

Do not overlook the simple things. Little things like returning a missed call show you value them. You can be sure that if you show your wife or husband the needed respect, you will get respect in return.

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