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How To Develop A Positive Thinking Mindset

how to build positive thinking mindset

By Our Reporter

Man is defined by the thoughts that pass through his mind and it is a determinant of how far he will reach in life. Great inventions began as an idea in the mind of men and a life of misery is shaped by the thoughts that seep into our minds. As ludriculous as it might seem, we need to master the art of thinking to enable us achieve the positive thinking mindset.

Thoughts flow freely in the space and can seep into any mind available. Most people cannot control  their line of thoughts. They are made to ideate any form of thought that come in mind, unfortunately, the good thoughts doesn’t flow as free as the bad ones. Therefore, one has to learn to control the kind of thoughts that enter their mindset everyother day.

What Is Positive Thinking?

Positive thinking is a deliberate inclination to the good things of life both mentally and emotionally. Positive thinkers adopt optimism and shun pessimism. Positive thinking is a tool that enables an individual to focus only on the good that life bring. Positive thinking breeds hope and faith and empower the individual to achieve more in life. A positive thinker usually live a happy and fulfilled life compared to his pessimistic counterparts.

Positive Thinking Exercises

As earlier discussed, the art of positive thinking is learnt, not inherited, thus one need to exercise and train their thought process to achieve the positive thinking ability.

Here are some ways to practice the art of positive thinking.


What you say determines your personality and who you really are. The words that come out of our mouths says a lot about us, it is our first message to the world, the first point of reference on which we are judged on any encounter. Words also has an effect on our thought process, whatever we speak out is a result of a processed though in our mind. Therefore, sieving our words to and striving to say only the positive things will go a long way to help our positive thinking ability. Control of words is a basic exercise you must practice towards achieving a positive thinking mindset.

Positive Affirmations

In essence, never say never. To inculcate the positive thinking mindset, you must practice saying positive affirmations like ‘I can’ and ‘I will’ so many times, we are more capable than we ever let ourselves realize, therefore, we look down on our capabilities. The moment we doubt and pronounce our fears, the negative thinking process comes in to confirm our doubt. But being in the affirmative provide our mind a choice to win.

Trash out negativity

Learn to push out the negative vibrations and focus on the positive ones. Do not be enslaved by your fears nor should you allow your insecurities to dictate for you. Avoid anything that could trigger the negative thinking mindset. With that, you are practicing the positive thinking ability.

Select you friends wisely

We are defined by the kind of friends we move with. If you move with people with the negative thinking mindset, be sure you will be one soon, if not one already. Select optimistic friends that see the bright side of things only. The company of such friends will keep you in the mood to process positive thoughts.

Develop good habits

Sleeping, eating, playing and working in correct proportion will help build your positive thinking mindset.

Avoid drugs and Alcohol

Abusing drugs and getting addicted to alcohol stimulates negative thoughts. Thus avoiding those things will help build your positive thinking ability’.

Take control

Thoughts filters in and out of our mind at will. You can control what get in however, you only need to be disciplined and be determined about it. Directing your thoughts towards happy moments in your life will help keep you positive.

Self belief

Believe in your own capabilities. Sometimes, the uncertainty of what the future might turn out to be keeping us in the negative mindset circle. But the moment we start believing in ourselves and keep faith on the best, our positivity increase and a better mindset is achieved.

Self compliment

Learn to compliment yourself always. Do not miss out an opportunity to appreciate yourself and give your personality some regard. A positive mindset breeds best in a self dependent personality.

Forgive yourself

It is true that it is easier to forgive others than to forgive oneself, yet it is far better to forgive oneself than to forgive others. You tend to harbor negative feelings when you feel offended, most especially by yourself.

Be Creative

Learn creativity and problem solving mindset. Practicing this might help set your positive thinking mindset in motion.

The environment

Try to achieve a work and home environment that prompts positivity. Set up your home and work environment in such a way that it will put you in the positive mood always. Use cool colours and cool furniture in your environment to trigger the happy mood. Happy moods are basically the mood to process positive thinking. Therefore, if you can stay happy all the time, you have no problem with positive thinking mindset.

Learning the positive thinking techniques requires commitment and determination. But the end result worth more than the effort required. I am confident in the provided techniques and if followed religiously, will help you achieve your positive mindset goal.

Benefits of Positive Thinking

There are so many benefits attached to the art of positive thinking. Several of which will in many ways add quality to the life of the individual involved. Some of this amazing benefit of positive thinking includes;

  • Increased Lifespan: study has shown that people that practice the art of positive thinking tends to live longer than people given to negative thinking.
  • Prevents depression: positive thinking as a tool, pushes out all forms of negativity in the mind, focusing only on the brighter side of things. Thus depression does not have any chance to penetrate the soul.
  • Improved Health: the positive thinking mindset is promotes ones health and protect one from ailments dues to stress and the likes.
  • Improve Lifestyle: the lifestyle of a person that thinks positively cannot be compared with the lifestyle of a person that does not. One is always happy and full of hope while the other is dejected and often depressed. The person with the right thinking always belief in themselves while the one with the wrong thinking never belief in their abilities.
  • Survival skills: a positive thinker is a natural survival. As he is always in the right mood to analyse his situations. No form of hardship could break him, he converts his disappointment to blessings by sheer will, these are things you can never find with the wrong thinkers.
  • Resilience: Positive thinkers are go getters. They do not believe there is a thing you set your heart on that you cannot achieve, there positive attitudeinspires their never giving up attitude. They are always committed to achieving their goals. They belief in themselves and their abilities, they are full of optimism and are never for once feel pessimistic about life.
  • Improves Relationship: the reason you might be having problem concerning how you relate with yourself and the people around you might be due to the negativity in your line of thought. The positive mindset will allow you to trust yourself more and trust others too. The feelings of paranoia will be erased from your mind by the positive thinking mindset.
  • First Impression: when people meet you for the first time, the first thing they will notice about you is your outlook, e the way you present yourself, followed by your attitude. All these are affected by the kind of thought process you adopt into your life. You can create an amazing first impression with the right thought process.
  • Source of motivation: the positive mindset is a morale booster. It keeps you motivated always. When you think positively, you do not need any form of external motivation. The inner motivation generated by the positive mindset is enough to propel you on the ladder of success.
  • Control Stress: studies have shown that a positive mindset helps one cope with stress. It is easier for a positive thinker to cope with stress than his negative thinking As stress is a result of the accumulation of the depressing situation on the life of an individual. One has to learn the art of positive thinking to be able to push out the negative thoughts.

The benefits of positive thinking are far more than the aforementioned. And its one of the essential things needed to have a fulfilled life. However, to achieve this, you need to master the art of positive thinking.

Not everyone is aware of this simple life hack; you will do good to refer a friend to this article for their self improvement.

We hope this article has been helpful enough in your quest to achieve the positive thinking mindset.

Best of luck in your endeavors.

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1 Comment

  1. Chioma Beauty

    July 6, 2018 at 6:08 AM

    You have said well @author. Thanks for making my morning

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