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How To Motivate Yourself To Work, Clean, Study, Lose Weight & Eat Healthy

how to motivate yourself work clean study

How To Motivate Yourself To Work, Clean, Study, Lose Weight & Eat Healthy

Most times, you look at that heap of clothes or dishes to wash or the ton of books you need to read before the exams come which is probably like two weeks away. A lot of things you need to do will definitely keep you up and about and make you want to just curl back into bed. But you do know with that attitude, you will never be able to get anything done.

As humans, we all feel lazy and sluggish at what we need to do. This is perfectly normal, however it becomes a problem when we make it a habit. Habits, they say hardly die after all.

Psychologists have discovered that motivating oneself can be one of the most difficulties things to do. Unlike when you are motivating others, talking to yourself that way and expecting to see you swing into action is not always as simple as it looks. Regardless, no one can motivate you more than yourself. Therefore, when you are feeling particularly down to do some very essential activities, you need to brace and sit yourself up.

There are certain areas that most of us usually get really tired about. We will look st some selected headings and show how you can motivate yourself to get things done in that area:

Motivating Yourself to Study

Where are my students? Please get in here. There is hardly anyone who has not been in this fix before (including yours truly). If making good grades are your goals I’m school, then you know you have to do something urgent about it. No matter how tough or boring that subject/course is, you have to read, understand, write the exam and pass it. Here are some tips yo make it smooth sail:

Find Out Why You Procrastinate Studying

Several people have reasons why they postpone reading their books. Inconsequential as these reasons may be, if you do not nip it in the bud, it will fester like a fresh sore. Some of the notable reasons for procrastination include: boring topics, sheer laziness, lack of planning or schedule, lack of prioritization, the list goes on and on.

The task now is yo find out why you procrastinate. If it lack of planning g or schedule, then perhaps it is time to draw up a timetable. Stick it to the wall close to the bed and let it be the first thing you see once you wake up every morning.  If it is not getting your priorities right, them you need to sit down and do some moments of introspection. Ask yourself if the reason you are in school is to get poor grades and then waste your parents money. By the time you do this, you will realise that your books are more important than that party you are planning on attending next weekend.

The issue with some students have is that they do not know how to balance their  school life. There should be a balance between academic and social life. If one overshadows the other, then you are bound to have some deficiencies.

However because your primary duty in school is to read and study, more attention should be given to the academic life. This way you become an all-round student who knows how to balance both worlds in order to achieve success.

Create a Routine

That is absolutely right. As a student, you need a well-planned routine or timetable as the case may be. This helps narrow you down to specific tasks at a time. Already when you come back, you know that by 4pm you have to read that textbook, or take down some notes, or go over what was taught in school that day. Or even better, try out some likely exam questions ahead of time.

You may not know it bit what it does is that it helps you prepare ahead of the exams and even helps you stay ahead of the class. Good thing you already have the curricular immediately a semester or session begins so you already know what to do. So which ever way you look at it, there is really no excuse to fail. It all depends on your resilience and determination.

Study to Understand not Memorize

This area needs to be properly addressed. Most students make the mistake of assuming that the only thing that matters is getting the good grades. As good as this is, you also need to have a firm knowledge in whatever discipline you are studying.

Settle down to read and assimilate. This way, it stays with you. If on the hand you are just cramming in order to just make good grades, it will only stay in your head inside the exam hall just long enough for you to pour it out in black and white after which, it will to evaporate. Try to avoid this. This is part of the reasons why they say universities are daily churning out half-baked graduates.

These days, it is not only the degrees that matter now, it is actually your skills, expertise and what you are bringing to the table that counts. As much as lies in you, try to acquire some skills and pay rapt attention when the class is going on.  Good grades but grounded knowledge counts even more.

Organize Your Time

If you do not organize for time, you will perpetually feel like you are running out of time. We o kh have 24 hours everyday and no matter what you do, you can never get an extra hour. Rather than sit and whine, why not device means to make your day count. A lot of people have businesses, go to school and still hang out with their friends and families, therefore there is  really  no excuse.

Nothing beats organization and time management especially the latter. Managing your time as a student is very crucial if you hope to come out in flying colours. There are lots of courses each vying for our attention. Each deserves enough attention as much as the other. Never ever spend your time on any frivolities. Remember, time dated is gone for ever.

Find out What Works For You

Some people prefer being around their friends and classmates. In fact , some students even play music and still read. While some seem to be allergic to having people around when they are reading.

Which ever be the case, there is none better the other. The important thing is to find out what works for you. Do not follow your friends to their study groups if you know that you are not “groupie”. This will only amount to wasting time which ought to have been channeled to other productive ventures.

Having seen some of the ways to motivate yourself to read/study, let us take a look at yet another one that tires most of us out:

How to Motivate Yourself to Clean

Cleanliness is next to godliness they say, you will think that this will probably make it the most pleasant task. Sadly, a lot of us fumble in this aspect. This is because cleaning up can be quite a daunting task especially if you live in a large house. But you will not stay in a dirty environment because of this now would you? Great! So since we cannot, this means we really do not have a choice. So here are some tips to help you drag yourself out from work and get to work:

Have some friends over

This is meant to be done on purpose. The reason is because there is no way you will want tour friends over at your place when it is looking like a dunghill. Knowing that you will be having them over by say 5pm will actually speed you up I to tidying everywhere.

Nobody likes for others to see the bad side of them regardless of whether they are people we know or do not. Use this as a parameter to gauge just how how fast and well you can tidy up your apartment.

Start little by little

When you sit and think about all you need to do (especially on a Saturday morning) can seriously dampen your spirit and make you tired even before you start. So instead of brooding, get down to work. Pick them out little by little. For instance, you can decide to do the dishes, then wash the clothes, then mop the floor or sweep (depending on what type of floor you have). Before you know what is happening, you have almost finished everything.

Play Music

This will definitely help. Playing music when you are working has a way of reducing the workload without you knowing. This is because you are singing along and possibly even dancing (now imagine when your favourite song comes on). So instead of making the chore seem so drab, play some music at a considerable volume and enjoy it will you work.

How to Motivate Yourself to Work

You probably do not need too much pep talk to go over this one. Here is why: Apart form the joy of practising/doing what we enjoy/studied, the main reason why we work is to make money and pay the bills right? Good. Now if you are not feeling motivated to go to work, chances are that your performances will drop and then you may even lose your job. When that happens, you already know the next thing. The bills accumulate, and then you start borrowing and them you go bankrupt. Instead of letting things to deteriorate to this extent, here is what to do:

Identify why You are Not Feeling Motivated

A lot of reasons could be responsible: poor salary, over bearing supervisor/ manager, no passion, monotony etc. Now you already which it is, now let us see how to deal with it. If  it is low salary, remember that it is better than having none at all. So while you are working, keep your eyes open for other openings. Don’t throw away what you have till you are sure you have gotten another better paying job.

Be Efficient

Ensure you are a go-to-person at work. If you are very efficient, you most likely not have any issues with your manager except of course, in very rare cases. Just be diligent at what you do and ensure that you are a good team player.

Be Patient

Some times, the job you have now may not be tour passion or what you want out from life. Just remember that life is in phases. So just enjoy the phase you are in and learn from it. Who knows where the experience may come in handy.

How to Motivate Yourself to Workout

This is another very crucial area where people get even more lazy. Working out requires a lot of spunk, endurance and patience. You have to Motivate yourself without anyone doing this for you. Most people who actually work out with their whole mind and body are usually the ones that woke up one morning and felt angry at the shape their body is taking.

They therefore know they need to do this for themselves. Those are the most determined and in the future, their bodies have them to thank for. So for working out, tell yourself you are doing this for you and then start out with simple routines then gradually, you add more as you become more proficient.

How to Motivate Yourself to Lose Weight And Eat Healthy

Just like working out, this takes a lot of personal decision and more of self-appraisal. To get started on the right track, you also need to consult a nutritionist/ dietitian in order to draw up a meal plan for you.

You should also remember that exercising is a very good way to lose weight. So incorporate it in daily and watch as they all take effect.

Consistency is key so you must keep at it all the time. It is not like a one-time thing. If you do not remain consistent, you will go back to your former shape and this time, it may even be worse than the beginning.

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