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Self Motivation Techniques To Boost Your Motivation Level Everyday (How To Motivate Yourself Daily)

self motivation techniques

Self Motivation Techniques To Boost Your Motivation Level Everyday (How To Motivate Yourself To Succeed In Life)

Motivating yourself is giving yourself the extra push to get something done. It is called self-motivation. This is the best kind of motivation. This motivation is needed in achieving your goals and objectives. It mostly comes from a true desire to achieve something and it is much more effective than other forms of motivation.

There are many ways to motivate yourself to do what you’ve laid ahead to do. Those steps will be discussed now.

How to motivate yourself to study

Have you ever found yourself struggling to study? What were your reasons? When such things come up, what do you do?

  1. Make for yourself a study plan

Planning for your study involves making for yourself a routine for study. Make a timetable that sets aside a particular time in a day for your study. Following this routine committedly will help you develop a habit of always wanting to study when that time comes. Only set a time that is convenient for you.

  1. Create a comfortable place of study

Get a table and a chair you can comfortable sit to study. Being in an uncomfortable position will make you distracted and unable to study. Arrange your chair in a way that it doesn’t face a place with too many distractions. For instance, you can choose to arrange your chair to face a wall and instead of the busy part of the room.

  1. Put together everything you need for the study

Before you start studying, get together you pen, pencils, ruler, material of study, etc. you will be in need of during the study time. Let them be well arranged at a corner on your table. This will help you have access to whatever you need without having to get up.

  1. Be specific about your expectation from the study

To motivate yourself to study, you have to know why you should study. Remind yourself why you really need those good grades. Is it because can’t stand being a failure in your school or is it to help you secure an admission or a job? Whatever your aim may be; always put yourself in remembrance of it.

  1. Avoid procrastination

People procrastinate for so many reasons; it may be because the subject is boring or because you feel it is too easy or difficult and you cannot get yourself up to doing it. Whatever the case may be, tell yourself “now is the time”, get up and get started.

  1. Simplify the material of study

If the material of study is too bulky, it may make you less motivated to study. Take your time to break down the material into simple readable units. This will make it easier for you to read and understand.

  1. Study under short time frame

If studying for a long time seem to be the reason you want to skip the reading time,  consider making your study time short but enough to meet a target. When the time elapses, take a break and then come back to study again.

How to motivate yourself to work

  1. Set out a time for the work

Since you are really not motivated to work now, set for yourself a particular time you will get it done and do all you can to abide by it. It is very easy to keep procrastinating when the time comes but don’t.

  1. Set small attainable goals

Break down the work into segments and goals you can easily achieve. This will help you do the work without feeling the bulk of it.

  1. Get a playlist you like

Music will help take your attention from how boring or how long it is taking you to complete the work. Let the playlist be of songs that excite you so that the work too can be exciting.

  1. Start it

Most times, motivation doesn’t strike until you have started. Don’t wait any longer; since everything is in place, go ahead and get started. Put together everything you have need in place to help you do the work.

  1. Reward yourself

When you have finished with a segment of the job, do something to reward yourself. This will motivate you to get the others done.

How to motivate yourself to change your behavior

Keep in mind your reason for wanting to change.

Changing a behavior will demand dedication and consistency. It is more like breaking an old habit and forming a new one. If you want to successfully change the behavior, always let your mind stay on why you want to change it. Did it disgrace you at work or did it push your loved one away? Remember it to get the courage to fight.

Consider the social effects of the unchanged behavior

How does the behavior make people look at you? If it is not socially acceptable, then keep in mind what a nuisance you’ll be if you do to change.

Get a plan on how to achieve it

Develop a plan and get the necessary resources and guidelines that will help you change. Remember it is like creating a new habit; it will take time so keep that in mind. Let your plan be realistic and your goal achievable.

Record your progress

Get yourself a calendar and always mark how far you have gone. Make special markings on the days you were extraordinary. This will give you the drive to work harder towards it.

How to motivate yourself to workout

To get yourself to start that workout you have been considering, you should remind yourself of its benefits. See the how this benefit will make you better.

If the benefits sound good enough for you, set goals for yourself and start brief. For instance you can start by running 100m at a time.

To keep your workout from being boring, get a partner. Having someone who you work out with will make it more fun because you know that you are not doing it alone.

How to motivate yourself to clean

As lazy as you may feel to get that house cleaned; you can’t be lazy enough to imagine. Create a mental picture of the finished work and how beautiful it will be.

When you’ve gotten this picture in your mind, find a way of making the work easier. Start with small portions and feel free to get an extra hand if you need one.

Cleaning itself can be boring and discouraging so I advise you work with a playlist. Let the music give you the flow you need to finish what you have in mind without realizing how much time and energy has gone.

How to motivate yourself to lose weight

In losing weight, everybody has a muse. Do you want to lose weight so you can rock in that bikini? Then the bikini is your muse. Place it where you can easily see it.

When you continually see what you want, start by making a plan on the weight loss method you want to adopt. If you want to go for exercise only; do.

When you start working towards your dream, track your commitment by always keeping records of what you did and when you did it.

There are a lot of people out there with the same vision as you. Meet with them and make friends with them. They will drag you when you want to quit.

How to motivate yourself to eat healthy

To know if you are eating healthy, you need to define the nutritional content of the food you it. Get informed so you can know what to kick out and what to keep.

On knowing what to kick out, start with the processed foods. For every processed food in your refrigerator, replace it with something natural. Natural foods are generally more healthy than the processed ones.

Avoiding the temptations of eating unhealthy foods is not easy so you will have to solicit for help. Get your family to support you with your plan and they will help watch your back.

How to motivate yourself to do homework

People most times feel unmotivated to do their homework especially when they feel they may never be able to get it right. If this is your case, then you need to tell yourself that you will try no matter how hard it looks. Most questions are not as difficult as they look.

Before letting more time pass without doing that homework, think of what could possibly happen if you fail to meet the deadline. If you’ll really be losing, then it is time to get up and tackle it.

Before you start doing your homework, make sure you’ve settled your needs first. This will help keep you from distractions.

Make doing your homework your priority; when it is important to you, you will force yourself to get it done no matter the low level of motivation.

How to motivate yourself when depressed

To motivate yourself when everything around you is depressing, do these:

  1. Be positive

Negativity is a major cause of depression. If you can get yourself to think positively, then you can be motivated even as a depressed person. Always get yourself to imagine how good things can get; it must not always turn out badly.

  1. Socialize

Don’t fall into the trap of isolation. Go out and meet with friends. Socializing will take your mind off what is making you depressed. If you think you are too undeserving of good, go out and see for yourself how many people will jump at the idea of knowing you.

  1. Talk to someone.

Get for yourself a counselor or trustworthy person you can talk to. Share your challenges with them and listen to and carry out the good advice they will give to you.

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