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How To Please Your Nigerian Wife/Girlfriend…. Simple Ways To Make Her Happy

how to please nigerian woman

Most women are similarly structured they frequently want to be shown that they are loved and of value to you.

Below are a few ways you can please a Nigerian woman.

Practical Ways To Please A Nigerian Woman

See Her As A Partner

Women want to be treated as equals. It brings a woman joy when you treat her like a partner and respect her inputs and opinions. Acting like a superior personality will not win you any favors with most women. Nigerian women do not want to be looked down upon and belittled. They would most certainly not be pleased with a man who does not feel they have anything of value to deliver or one who takes them for granted.


Women need a little romance every once in a while something which is grossly lacking in the Nigerian male. Romantic gestures towards a woman sometimes would not hurt. You could try surprising her with presents for no reason; take her out to places which hold memories of things dear to her or the both of you. Cook for her if you can, let her pass through the door first, hold her hand sometimes. Ask about her well being, reach out to her and let her know what she means to you. All these are just some thoughtful romantic gestures that could further endear you to a Nigerian woman. It’s these little gestures that count the most to a woman.

Know When To Apologize

A man who is not afraid to render an apology when he is in the wrong is the kind of man a woman wants. The nature of relationships somewhat requires a woman to issue apologies whether she is wrong or not. But a man who is sincere enough to recognize his mistakes, take responsibility for them and apologize makes an impression on a Nigerian woman.

Be Attentive

It’s no secret that most women love to talk about any and everything. They talk about their feelings, about emotions, they talk when their happy, when their sad and just about every other time. Talking is a coping mechanism for several women. When a woman has chosen to talk to you, the least you can do is listen. It makes her feel special when she knows you are willing to listen to her ramble. You may tune out every now and again but always be willing to listen and at least note a few things of what she has said. She knows you can’t solve every problem she just wants a listening ear most times.

Be Sensitive

Nigerian women want a man who is sensitive to their moods, their actions and body language; someone who knows what to say and when to say it. A woman wants to know you are aware of those little things she does and says when she is happy, sad or tensed. A sensitive man is a priceless commodity to many Nigerian women.

Remember Special Dates

The quickest way to incur the wrath of a Nigerian woman is to forget a special date. Like a birthday, a special event or an anniversary. Many women will definitely hold it against you for years to come. Knowing you put in the effort to commit important dates to memory communicates to a woman that you truly care and place as much value as she does on the relationship. Set reminders on your mobile gadgets or calendars if you have to. Men may not term these things as important, but women do. When you remember and honor special days it gives women a thrill.

Be Generous

Nigerian women love a man who knows how to give not just his money but also his time. Don’t be a tight fisted man a Nigerian woman will be quick to term you as a stingy person. She certainly knows when you don’t have the resources and when you claim not to have the resources.

Dating a lady and not getting her some nice and thoughtful gift occasionally is not okay; it doesn’t have to be anything expensive most women will appreciate your effort no matter how small. Some Nigerian women will not request money or financial assistance from men whom they are dating but note this; they fully expect you to offer it anyway, it shows you are not afraid to give.

These are just a few basic ways to keep most Nigerian women happy in a relationship the list is in no way exhaustive, but it is functional.

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