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How To Reduce Community Transmission Of Coronavirus

prevent community transmission coronavirus

By  Dr. Akinmutola Abayomi, Pharm.D

How To Reduce Community Transmission Of Coronavirus

The entire world is confronted with combating the Coronavirus infections and in preventing deaths arising from COVID-19. This is indeed perturbing as it threatens both public health and the immediate or future survival of global economy.

The virus does not seem to discriminate between ethnicity, age, social or financial or educational or professional status, religious background and political inclination as anyone could become infected. Interestingly, some studies from around the world, has documented more male deaths from COVID-19 compared to that of their female counterparts for certain debatable reasons.

The virus as we already know is highly transmissible. It is usually dispersed  from the respiratory droplets of an infected individual while coughing, sneezing or talking. This can remain active and alive in the air for at least thirty minutes before settling on surfaces.

The need for everyone to protect their eyes, nose and mouth with the recommended protective materials cannot be overemphasized. There are four major stages in the transmission of the virus.

The initial stage is the first appearance of the infection in an area with someone having a possible travel history. The next stage is that of local transmission which occurs when people have direct contact with the imported index case and subsequently get infected.

Thereafter, we have the community transmission which is a stage where we see people contracting the virus without a traceable source or travel history. The last stage of this transmission in an area is that of an outbreak.

In the words of Hippocrates, who was a great Greek Physician – “extreme remedies are very appropriate for extreme diseases.”

 The only indubitable means of containing the community transmission or eventual outbreak remains impelling physical or social distancing. Encouraging e-commerce on various platforms. Appropriate use of nose mask essentially covering the nose and mouth up to the chin and the use of protective eye glasses.

Hand washing with soap and running water, alcohol based hand sanitizers or hand wash remains viable options. Equally important, is the strengthening of testing capacities as we see the government already doing in every nook and cranny.

This will to a profound extent help in identifying all positive cases and in flattening the curve globally.

Perhaps, the end of this pandemic may lie in the discovery of a standard drug for treatment, and a safe vaccine suitable for use in all humans both young and old, without any tendency to cause immediate or future harm.

About the author: Abayomi Akinmutola is a pharmacist, a social commentator, a content creator and a public health enthusiast based in Nigeria.

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