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how to be positive and happy

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How To Stay Positive And Motivated: Guide To Embracing Positivity In Life

how to be positive and happy

Benefits of positive thinking: guide to embracing positivity in life; how to train your mind to think positive always.

The way you think about yourself and life in general shows in the level of productivity you get. How appreciative of life are you? Your level of gratefulness reflects your level of positivity.

There is a great need to stay positive because the way you perceive the world determines greatly how you will enjoy it. If you see the world to be a beautiful and great place, your life will follow suit.

What does it mean to think positively?

Positive thinking is the creation of thoughts that leads to positive results. It is an attitude where you have an expectation for good endings. Your ability to see the bright side of life despite the negativity that surrounds the world today is being positive.

You may ask, how can I be positive after all the disappointments I have faced? It’s okay, I understand life may be difficult but being positive in the midst of whatever storm you are going through will help you go through any form of difficulty you may be facing now. I will show you how to get there. Before then, let us look at the benefits of thinking positively.

Benefits of positive thinking

When you think positively, you enjoy the following benefits

  1. Long life

Those who see the world through the eye of positivity tend to enjoy living a longer life because they worry less about the bad aspects and save themselves the risk of developing diseases that diminish the quality of life and shorten life span.

  1. Happier life

Thinking positively is a secret to being happy. This is because with positivity, it is difficult to be ungrateful for life. A positive mind does not give room for the dreadful thoughts of failure and negativity.

  1. Lower level of stress

People with a negative mindset have a higher tendency of developing chronic stress because they are always thinking that things will turn out badly for them. Stress generally makes it difficult to cope with the challenges faced while carrying out activities of the day and this reduces their level of productivity. To think positively is to be free from stress and to be more productive.

  1. Lower risk of developing terminal diseases

Positive thinking prevents overthinking which is a product of fear of the unknown which leads to stress. Stress causes free radicals to be formed in the body. These free radicals are the originators of many terminal diseases in the body. As we all know, when a person overthinks, he invites hypertension.

  1. Better decision making and management

With a positive mindset, it is easy to have a clear view of what you want and make necessary decisions to achieve it. When your decisions are made with a stable mind, it will be easier to push through to get to your desired end.

  1. A healthy self-esteem

A poor self-esteem comes from feeling you can never amount to anything and this is the height of negativity. To think positive is to be confident in your own skin, to know that you are enough. No one can make you feel undeserving when you know you are and you’ll always be adequate beyond measures.

  1. A better way to handle failure

People who see the world positively see failure as an opportunity to be better; others get devastated with it. Positive people learn from their mistakes.

How to think positive always

After all the benefits of positive thinking we’ve analyzed. Let us see how we can learn think positive always in order to enjoy these benefits.

  1. Take out negativity

The most important step to thinking positively is to throw out every iota of negativity. Now let’s try to look at some traits of negative thinking. They are

  • Blaming yourself for every bad happening
  • Magnifying the negative aspects of a situation and ignoring the positive ones
  • Always expecting the worse to happen
  • You get too hard on yourself by getting yourself to believe that if you aren’t perfect, then you are a failure.

Now you’ve seen the ways you thought negatively and have corrected yourself, let’s get to the next step.

  1. Be focus

Positive people keep the eyes of their mind on their target. They are clear on what they want. Being focus enhances a belief that you will definitely get what you truly want no matter how long it will take.

  1. Look unto the positive side of a situation

Am I saying you should be totally ignorant of the negative side of things? No. what I’m saying is do not keep your mind fixed on the negative side. Check yourself with the negative but be concerned about the positive.

  1. See failure as an opportunity

This may not be easy, I tell you but you have to tell yourself you’ll do it better next time. It is taking your time to learn from every failure. This will help you grow.

How to keep positive mind when depressed

Depression mostly originates from negative thoughts and can make its victims captives of these thought for as long as it pleases. As strong as the chains of depression may be, it is necessary to have a positive mindset if you want to break free. To get this positive mind,

Accept the fact that you have negative thoughts

Acceptance is the first step to being free from negative thoughts. Take a book and write down every negative and fearful thought that comes to your mind.

Transform your negative thought

From the negative thoughts you wrote down, try to replace them with their positive version. For instance, if the negative thought was ‘I’ll never be able to make enough money’, replace it with ‘I will work hard and I will make more money than I even need’.

Shift your mind to the positive

Being positive doesn’t mean those negative thoughts will not come smiling at you again; it means that you will refuse to smile back. So, when they come, redirect your mind immediately to the positive aspects of life.

Be grateful

The more you appreciate, the more your chances of being positive. To be grateful, you need to consciously decide to see only the good side of everything.

Imagine a beautiful future

Create positive images of a beautiful future in your mind. When your mind is filled with beautiful images, your eyes will see likewise.

Focus on your positive attributes

Enough of beating yourself about who you are not and what you cant do. Focus on the things you are good at and work on them so you can be better.

Guide to embracing positivity in life

Staying positive is a big and perfect decision and since you’ve made it, I’m here to help you achieve it easily. Follow these simple guidelines to enjoy positivity throughout your day.

Begin the day well

The way you start your day has an influence on how the rest of the day will go. When you wake up, look into the mirror and speak positive words to yourself. Be excited to wake up, start your day joyously.

Eat healthy meals

Eating well helps keep your hormones in check so you won’t have to battle with a low level of serotonin, the happiness hormone.

Sleep sound and enough

Sleeping well helps take care of stress. If you do not have enough sound sleep, you will find yourself carrying a previous day’s stress into a new day. This on its own is enough to make your day feel miserable.


To stay positive, you have to stay well and fit. Get regular exercise to get your mind and body refreshed and renewed.

Be mindful

Keep in mind your resolution to be positive and try as much as you can to to stay in the present not past or the unknown future.

Don’t hide your problems

Opening up to people who are willing to listen to you can help you find the source or solution to your problems. Don’t hide your issues except you are willing to die with it.

Positive thinking exercises

To become a totally positive person, you have to

Forgive yourself

It may be difficult to live a positive life you are still blaming yourself for something you did wrong. Accept you’re human and give yourself a chance to start afresh.

Constructively analyze your mistakes

Look at your only with the mindset of finding what truly went wrong. When you find it, correct yourself, apply the corrections and move on.

Speak positive words

Avoid saying words that make you look unable. Instead of saying I can’t, tell yourself you can. Constantly resounding this will make it a part of you and being negative will no longer be part of you.

Make friends with positive people

Make friends with people who can see the good in you and give you advice to maximize it. Let go of anyone that reminds you of how terrible things can change.

Decide to be happy

Make up your mind to see the better side of everything. Learn to be grateful for everything whether good or bad. See the good in peoples actions and words and be willing to be joyful from inside out.

Stick to the positive mindset

Now you’ve gotten the positive attitude you needed, put it to work and don’t let negative happenings take it away from you.

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1 Comment

  1. Duru James

    June 23, 2019 at 6:02 AM

    Thanks, it is good to stay positive no matter what

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