Hungry Man Steals Neigbour’s Pot Of Jollof Rice In Awka Anambra, Blames Recession

hungry man steals pot of jollof rice anambra

September 22, 2016 – Hungry Man Steals Neigbour’s Pot Of Jollof Rice In Awka Anambra, Blames Recession

A bricklayer who has been out of job for a while now and without means of livelihood stole his neighbour’s pot of rice yesterday in Ifite area of Awka Anambra state.

According to eyewitnesses, the 47-year-old man reportedly observed a neighbour simply identified as Mama Ebuka cooking Jollof rice (West African party dish) and waited until the meal was well cooked.

The moment Mama Ebuka stepped inside to take a dish for herself, the bricklayer quickly rushed to the kitchen and grabbed the big pot of jollof rice not knowing that a girl saw him.

Mama Ebuka soon raised an alarm when she couldn’t find her pot of Jollof.

In the process, the girl who saw the suspect exposed him.

To cut the long story short, Mama Ebuka rushed to the suspect room only to see her pot of Jollof rice half empty.

The suspect confessed he stole the pot of food because he was very hungry and had not eaten for three days.

Mama Ebuka pitied him and promised not to report to the police.

Another neighbour who witnessed the drama that took place after Mama Ebuka raised an alarm, Emmanuel Okafor said:

“I know the man very well. He is not a bad person but I think the situation in the country is pushing people into things they would not ordinarily do. I am certain the worst is yet to come”.

11 thoughts on “Hungry Man Steals Neigbour’s Pot Of Jollof Rice In Awka Anambra, Blames Recession

  1. Clap for your self , but wait ooo , remember that you are not the only one that are facing hard ship of recession , but yet they didn’t steal … to steal is not the best guy …

  2. Should I be laffin or not? Such a funny post but funny things are happening.
    Am just glad to know d woman understood and same with d neighbors. What a pity, worst things are yet to happen but God will save us from this fasting period Nigeria is going through.

  3. We understand it is hunger but taking the entire pot of rice is selfish because the owner is hungry too hence her bothering to cook in the first place.
    If she pitied you and not report to police, she most probably would have given you some portion of the rice if you had asked her for same. Hunger is no excuse for selfishness and bad BEHAVIOUR. No do so again !!!

  4. Hilarious, there is no excuse for stealing in regardless of what u are going thru. next time ask. plead or beg if u av to rather than what u av done. quite a shame what dis country is turning people to.

  5. If one seriously strive of hungry for a while without seeing anyone to consider him/her for food, chai! Anything can happen ooooooo. If there’s no God’s fearing in the person

  6. naso hunger dey rule naija say baba don make u vex carry the whole pot of rice haba, you for beg alist or steal little. may God help us.

  7. SHALL WE SAY that this script is being acted out everywhere? Or is it the same story being doctored? Here in Port Harcourt, about 2 days ago, a man stole the soup pot of his neighbour. He had lost his job, and he had a family that looked up to him. Before stealing the soup pot, he had first begged his neighbour some food for his family, but the neighbour said there was none. Yet the neighbour would be cooking food everytime. This frustrated the hungry man who planned it and stole the soup pot.

    WHEN THE LANDLORD WAS called, the man confessed, but said it was hunger that drove him crazy. The whole face-me-I-face-you neighborhood took pity on him. They asked the owner of the soup how much she had spent in it, which they all contributed to pay her back. The remainder they gave to the food thief to buy garri.

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