I Cut My Hair For Tomboy Movie Role – Nollywood Actress Defends Self

uche ogbodo

August 6, 2016 – Nigerian Actress Uche Ogbodo: I Cut My Hair To Play Tomboy Role In Abuja

Last week, I was filming in Abuja and I played the part of a tomboy so I needed to cut my hair to look the part. I have a full hair and I always cut my hair. It is my job and I will do anything I have for it. When the director told me to cut my hair to fit the role better, I did not think twice about it and that was why I did the Mohawk style. Right now, I am producing my movie and I am going to play the part of a blind girl. I will do anything to get into character.

uche ogbodo cut hair

I don’t care what people say about my looks. I get bored with one particular look and if you know me well, I change my looks from time to time and if you do not like it that is your business. I don’t care about what anybody says; I wore the dress that the designer made and the make-up artist worked on my face to sell the product. When I got on the runway, people liked it and they took pictures. That was why I decided to upload it on my Instagram page so that my followers would have a feel of what I did over the weekend.

“Instead of applause, I got comments that I look like a masquerade or I am very dark. I am tired of insulting people on my page. I have a very sharp tongue and if I start to talk, people would say I am rude and I would later have to apologise for it.

What I have learnt about being a celebrity is that you can never satisfy everyone. My career demands that I look different at all times. I am going to post a picture of me as a blind girl and I don’t care what people say,” Ogbodo told Saturday Beats

9 thoughts on “I Cut My Hair For Tomboy Movie Role – Nollywood Actress Defends Self

  1. Live your life girl. You dont owe any breathing soul any explanation as to how you look. Only those who sees celebrities as role models will care. And to me, such people are low-brainy creatures. Why should I borther myself about other person‘s life style?

    Since we were not born from thesame womb or gono be bury in same grave. As for me, I don‘t care if you walks the street naked!

    I take a stroll…

  2. Kinda zoomed the picture to see if you really have a very sharp tongue but what I saw was a very thick lips..lol

    Hey woman take it easy that’s the price you pay for being a celebrity.The same people that attack you on social media are the very same people that made you what you are are so there’s nothing you can do about it, sharpining your tongue won’t help so just chill and enjoy your FAME!!!

  3. Everyone is entitled to choice making whether its career wise or otherwise and without anyone’s opinion or business buh jux make sure its in accordance with Gods word. She did this hair style for a movie role which am sure she would keep her normal descent hair afterwards. Pls we should all focus on new and legal strategies of making more money in order to afford the high cost of things in tgis hard times, according to my best commentator #D_HUNTER, I take a stroll…

  4. hnmm.. i don’t care too all i know is that you look weird with that cut and your dress on the runway. tomboy or no tomboy

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