I Married A Man I Didn’t Date, How Prayer, Weight Loss & Attitude Change Saved My Marriage



August 14, 2016 – I Married A Man I Didn’t Date, How Prayer, Weight Loss & Attitude Change Fixed My Marriage Problem – Abuja Babe

I married immediately I finished from the University. I and my Husband did not date because he was living in Abuja and I was with my parents in Owerri.

A few months into the marriage, we started quarreling on daily basis. My husband is very stubborn, assertive and always wants to have his own way in everything and I got tired of always given in to him.

One day, I challenged him and he beat the living day lights out of me! I wanted to leave the marriage then, but my mother cautioned and begged me not to because I was already pregnant. After I gave birth and was nursing my baby, I discovered that my husband was cheating on me with his former girlfriend. That was when it dawned on me that I need to fight for my marriage.

I made up my mind to control my sharp tongue which he always complained about. I stopped answering him back anytime he shouts and screams at me. It was a difficult one to control but I also did not confront him about his adultery. I only cried to God about it when I’m praying instead of accusing him.

Finally, I went on a strict diet and tried to lose weight. In all, three months after, my husband became a different person. He came home one day and knelt down and confessed his extra marital affairs and asked me to forgive him. We both cried together that night as he promised to be a better husband to me.

The next month was my birthday and my husband surprised me with a jeep! I’m so glad and I’ve learnt a big lesson in this ordeal that sometimes you need to loose in order to win.

[Chinwe writes from Abuja]