“I Saw Yoruba Actresses Having S**” – Nigerian Actress Exposes Lesbianism In Nollywood

lesbianism in nollywood

Nov 8, 2013 – Nigerian Actress Exposes Lesbianism In Nollywood “I Saw Yoruba Actresses Having Sex”

As earlier reported by other Nollywood movie stars, the issue of Lesbianism is currently eating deep into the heart of the Nigerian movie industry.

According to a shocking revelation by Bose Arowosegbe an upcoming Yoruba actress, she recently caught two ladies who are her colleagues in the act on the same bed they shared.

She was forced to stop them from committing what she termed “a horrible sin”

Hear Bose in her own words below:

“I have heard about it and I have seen one with my own very eyes. It happened when two friends came to visit, then three of us had to share a bed. As we were on the bed with my back turned to the other two, I felt some movements and I turned, alas, the two other girls were at it, doing it. I was simply aghast and dumbfounded. I watched them transfixed for about two minutes and then gave one of them a slap. She looked at me and asked if she had touched me or what. I was so mad that I started shouting at them.
    The other one was just laying down while the one I slapped was working on her. she said she didn’t know and thought I was also part of it but I shouted ‘God forbid’. She then started crying and I told her to desist from associating with the other girl again.”

In the interview, Bose, married woman who hails from Arigidi Akoko in Ondo state also claims Nigerian actresses love married men.

Bose is not the only person to expose the issue of  Lesbianism in Nollywood other movie stars like Ejiro Okurame, Ani Amatosero and Moji Olaiya have exposed the same thing in the past.

Hmmmm Lord have mercy.

19 thoughts on ““I Saw Yoruba Actresses Having S**” – Nigerian Actress Exposes Lesbianism In Nollywood

  1. Madam r u sure you’re not part of them with this your immoral dressing
    How are you different from Nollywood lesbians? I need an explanation

  2. Hw can we believe u were actually stopping the from commiting the crime? Pls next time eh if you want to really expose such act pls come up wit a good evidence like pix, converstional tapes ok.

  3. This is not new among Nigerian ladies it’s been going on for ages so not only in Nollywood
    It’s signs of end time

  4. @ Ebere my dear i support u 100times wit this kind of indecent dressing who wuld blieve dat she’s not part o them

  5. This girl need to be arrested, lesbianism is 21yrs in prison, while the witness that saw them but keep quiet at that particular time without informing the police is 14yrs in prison, I think that was the law or have they change it, if that’s the law then this lady need to be arrested for not informing the police.

  6. This lady bose is pig head…she is saying this to cover the insinuations from pple that she is part of the game…she is married to a married man oo…she is nt better than the lesbians… I dnt support lesbianism but let her come out with clear evidence…if u with to gossip..gossip wella…stop giving us half bread

  7. Lesbianism is not new among Naija females, its been going on for decades home and abroad. It’s only coming out now, into the limelight with involvement of some of the actresses. Even gays act is order of the day among prominent Nigerian men; especially the Northerners and within some prominent Yorubas as well whose names cannot be mentioned for their status’s sake. But who are we judge any of them. It is strictly God’s business.

  8. This people should stop deceiving us, we all new they are sex workers. Now Nigeria movies had turned to something else, the Yoruba movies that use to teach our children culture and other good things have become sex film, their mode of dressing and every other behaviour of them shows that, they belong to satan. God will judge them, non of them will go unponish in Jesus name.

  9. There has been always this evil act called homosexuality in Nigeria
    when I was there in the 1980’s it was kind of hidden now it seems it is coming out which is no suprise to me since now society has accepted this Godforsaken act.

  10. mmmm, its quiet obvious dat some pips like wats dat ha name again, doesnt hav sometin to do anymre, ‘i noticed some movments behind me and wen i turned, i saw ha on top of d oda gal, i slaped ha and shouted abormination/ lolz, see d original kettel callin pol black, babes, maybe u shuld get back and take a good look at urself and den come back and start ur indirect confession again,

  11. Are you sure this lady i’m seing here is not one of them?. It doesn’t matter if she is married or not. She can be a bisexual. Please all the lesbians should come to me for councelling and deliverance

  12. Hello friends, never judge anyone through appearance or dressing, nor neither should you argue about anybody. I think as a Christian or Muslim our concern should praying for the hand of God to touch those involved for repentance, so that we all can inherit the Kingdom of God.

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