Iba Lagos Landlord & Residents Who Planned The Abduction Of Oniba, Oba Goriola Oseni Arrested

landlord planned abduction oniba arrested

August 10, 2016 – Iba Landlord & Residents Who Planned The Abduction Of  Lagos Monarch Oniba Of Ibaland, Oba Goriola Oseni Arrested

Two residents and a landlord of Iba, Lagos who liaised with kidnappers to abduct the Oniba of Ibaland, Oba Goriola Oseni, for ransom have been arrested.

According to one of the police officers in charge of the case, the landlord and the two residents are well known to the monarch.

The suspects allegedly sold information concerning the layout of Oseni’s palace and security arrangement to kidnappers for money.

The landlord and the residents were mentioned by the overall leader of the kidnappers, identified as Duba Furejo (32) aka General Duba. The three suspects were paid N800,000 out of the N15.1 million ransom for their roles.

The Oniba of Ibaland was kidnapped from his palace on the 16th of July and rescued this past Saturday.

9 thoughts on “Iba Lagos Landlord & Residents Who Planned The Abduction Of Oniba, Oba Goriola Oseni Arrested

  1. It looks to be like our police really know their jobbas regards solving matters of kidnap. Kidnappers are nabbed every given day. Kudos to them.

  2. the yoruba will say “bi iku ile o ba pa eni ti ode o le pa ni” (if death from a person’s house does not kill him that of an outside will not).. i know someone close to the monarch gave out the information because there was no how a stranger will know the rout of the palace. we must commend the work of police these days they are really trying. come to think of it people involve in this act can be so daft (800,000 from 15.1million).
    Thank God they did not harm the king and WOE unto every one who was involve God will continue to expose the secret of people who engage in this act.


  3. Three people to share N800,000? How much will each person get? That you have to tread it with the Trust the Oba had for you? Even if its a million Naira each, does it really worth it?

    I take a stroll…

  4. Good, they should now learn and understand the wages of their evil acts. These two look so alike they could be twins. Just goes to prove that evil looks like evil. Ye ye hungry judases!!!

  5. Imagine d level at which greed drives people, after d killing of an innocent soul, and injuring others all u got was 800k. Now u av to pay d ultimate price of spending a long time in jail, better still be sentenced to death, foolish and wicked people.

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