In Picture: Housewives Pour Hot Water On Each Other While Fighting Over Husband In Yaba Lagos

housewives hot water attack yaba lagos

August 10, 2016 – Photo: Housewives Pour Hot Water On Each Other While Fighting Over Husband In Yaba Lagos

2 women simply identified as Biliki and Muyibat have suffered severe burns while fighting over a man.

Metro plus learnt that the two women poured kettle of hot water on each other during the violent fight that happened at their home in Yaba area of Lagos state.

20 thoughts on “In Picture: Housewives Pour Hot Water On Each Other While Fighting Over Husband In Yaba Lagos

  1. What were they really fighting for? Over a Man or a Husband? The headline has a different Topic and the account has a different story, so which one should we believe?

    I take a stroll…

  2. The headline has a different Topic and the Account has a different story, so I would like to know, What were they really fighting for? A man or a husband?

    I take a stroll…

  3. Foolishness and madness all together,so now the so called husband is free while you both are busy killing each other. Both of you are one of the reasons why many men feel they are more important than women,big fools.

  4. THAT MAN must be feeling like Jim Iyke by now. I wonder when my people will get wisdom, even half of it. Can we ever say that this guy in question loves any of those girls killing themselves over him? I doubt so. A man who truly loves you will never let you fight with another girl over him: he will be the one to do the fight for you.

    NOW THAT those “Fanta no opener” are nursing their burns in the hospital, this guy is perhaps on the groove with another girl, and like Koolz will always say,#LGO: Life goes one.

  5. different drama from polygamist home… i believe both you since you can’t settle your differences is happy with your present situation. i guess the man was at a bar when you were busy fighting clueless people..
    #one man one woman # which ever religion that allows more than that is devilish…

  6. Sheer foolishness. After deforming themselves with the scars left by their wounds, the husband will marry another wife, so whom of the present two “warriors” will then be the winner? I just hope the pains endured will advise them of their folly. Mchweeeeew!!!

  7. Foolishness of d highest order, if u had killed urselves the man will move on and marry someone else. After pouring hot water on urselves now who is in pains. Think before engaging in a senseless fight, ishh.

  8. I am a wisher of say is me weyris the girls fighting for. I am a wanter of make womens are fighting upon me everyday.

  9. Hahaah funny person. Oga Bench you sure say woman go fit fight for you with this your american/british gramatology? Maybe if you don go skul come back and learn english well,well. Them go come like you. Hahahhah….

  10. Foolishness at its peak. Now that they have permanently disfigured each other, the man definitely won’t want them and other men will find them unattractive. Yeye women, wetin the man carry for yonder? I am too proud to stoop so low to fight over a man….tufia!

  11. Bad market. U guys should have killed yourself and the Man or Husband would still eat ur burial rice and immediately take a third wife mtcheew. Pls #D_Hunter, #Big_anty_Koks and #Metu_Nyetu, what are your facebook names?, really love to have you on my fbk_list. Thanks

  12. That’s their business. Stupid women fighting over a man who doesn’t care about them and that will still marry another woman. They should have poured raw acid on each other instead.

  13. useless women fight over husband, he can divorce u at anything, particular now,that both get ugly skin burn,he will marry another new wifey,cos he cant sleep along without woman, both in hospital.

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