IBB, Babangida Angry Over Asari Dokubo’s Threat On Jonathan’s 2015 Re-election

asari dokubo threat 2015 election

Sept 10, 2013 – IBB, Babangida Angry Over Asari Dokubo’s Threat On Jonathan’s 2015 Re-election

Niger Delta Military leader, Mujaheedin Asari Dokubo is losing respects from the elders of crisis-ridden Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

Former Nigerian military ruler, Ibrahim Babangida is threatening to pull out of the ongoing peace talk over Asari Dokubo’s threat against Nigerians in the upcoming 2015 re-election for President Goodluck Jonathan.

IBB reportedly described Asari Dokubo’s threats as very insulting to the eminent leaders on the seven-man panel headed by  ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo.

Over the weekend, Asari Dokubo threatened violence and bloodshed if Jonathan is stopped from contesting in the upcoming Presidential election.

There was, however, pressure on Gen. Babangida last night to have a rethink.

Also, barring last-minute change of mind, some members of the Kawu  Baraje faction of the PDP may be expelled from the party by the Bamanga  Tukur faction.

Babangida is said to be uncomfortable that while eminent leaders were making peace, Asari-Dokubo was threatening violence.

A top source, who spoke in confidence with our correspondent last  night, said: “Babangida was upset by the alleged reckless comments from  Asari Dokubo. He was also shocked that no one has called the ex-militant  leader to order.

“The former Head of State may pull out of the ongoing peace talks instead of allowing anyone to mess up his efforts.

“There is however pressure on him to ignore Asari-Dokubo’s threats or  comments because he is not one of the parties to PDP crisis.

“The next 24 to 48 hours may determine Babangida’s position.”

This Asari na real trouble maker.

20 thoughts on “IBB, Babangida Angry Over Asari Dokubo’s Threat On Jonathan’s 2015 Re-election

  1. Why would Banbangida be expecting someone to call Asari Dokubo to order bcos of mere threat. Has he ever made dat clarion call concerning the Boko Haram who have sent tens of thousands to there untimely graves? He is a………


      ‘Dedi bodi geti accident, yeepa!, confusion breaki bone, yeepa! double wahala for dedi bodi, and the owner of dedi bodi…..’ Fela, God bless you.

      • TITO BABAAAA,wu tlk say no b ur parent bourn u is stl slpn on drgs.
        Make una free asari,4 im mind im go witness 2015 abi? plenty Nigerians get intrest 4 dt im yrn,we get plans 4 we slf,make we dey wait naa. Peace out

  2. Asari is a Big fool.Instead make u dey chop as dem dey chop SILENTLY, you dey there dey yarn wupata for mouth.Abi you wan die now? I think dem go die you very soon. You IDIOT!

  3. Didn’t you guys read 5 ways to get rich last week. Why then abuse the ex-convict he’s just fighting for his pocket.pure water bag feel do yan yan.

  4. Asara makin violent threath wil do more harm 2 jonathan dat he is fightin 4. Ppl wil begin 2 luk @ both of dem as inresponsible.

  5. This is getting interesting. Nigeria so called leaders are mentally derange,you guys are making my father land a dinner time story before the whole world.Nigeria is not a prostitute where any man with the available tool should go and do as they pleases.Stop pimping Nigeria she is too good and blessed,Stop messing this state up.You guys are debasing her.We that live in Us keep praying for a naija I can’t. see that in near future.my happiness is that one way or the order you will have impact of the mess you making bcos our kids the leaders in future are watching and learnig.make Nigeria better place,lead don’t destroy.I know the politicals don’t give a shit. to what I said but I will still be here when you hit the wall,let the count begin.

  6. asiri, to hell with you,& your boss.you know nothing about war.Jonathan is not coming 2015,we are wetting for war.son of a batch.suck…..

  7. Wat nonsense? All d yll dat all dis blood thirsty boko rams n goats in d far north hv bin ravaging, terorisin n terminating innocent lives amountn 2 thousands, nt 2 talk of properties worth Billions of Naira also creatin real unrest in some circles,… Whr was he (IBB)? He has bin as silent as a pillar of a building. Nw dat Asari Dokubo has started talkin, he wnts sb 2 call him 2 oda, 4 wat? Eh? 4 wat? Dis is Democrasy n evrybdy has d right 2 xperss his/her grieviances or freedom of speech. He shld 1st of all, call his boys d BH 2 oda.

  8. Why u gugs licking Asari’s comments wt Jonathan, d ex-militant leader hv freedom of expression, hav u people including IBB arrestd or call 2 order those who threatend 2 make this country ungovernable if Jonathan wins 2011 presidential election and they are living up 2 their threat 2day. Pls, u guys shld leave Jonathan alone 2 continue his transformatn agenda.

  9. Askari abi wetin dem dey call u go to syria na derr ur mates dey. Desperate tout I thought u have denounced ur citizenship now what is ur business with naija again. Oloshi akosi ba ero.

  10. if GEJ manages to win, he’ll be impeached. heaven knows i’ll not waste my vote on such an incompetent man that has failed in all ramifications.

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