Ibinabo Fiberesima Marks 43rd Birthday With New Photos, Says She Is Happy To Be Alive

ibinabo fiberesima 43rd birthday

January 13, 2017 – Ibinabo Fiberesima Marks 43rd Birthday With New Photos, Says She Is Happy To Be Alive

The embattled actress is thankful to God for giving her the grace to mark her 43rd birthday outside Kirikiri prison.

Ibinabo who is currently involved in a messy murder case took to the social media few hours ago to tell fans how grateful she is to witness yet another year.

She is really lucky to still be walking free with a murder case on her neck.

Other people that committed offences of lesser magnitude are still inside Kirikiri maximum prison with no hope of a better tomorrow. #Na Naija we dey o where people with long legs get the upper hands

Happy Birthday To Her!

8 thoughts on “Ibinabo Fiberesima Marks 43rd Birthday With New Photos, Says She Is Happy To Be Alive

  1. MAY GOD VISIT her, along with all the people who helped her off the hook of justice, with the same treatment she meted out on the Giwa’s! Amen!

  2. unnecessary comment, if one killed unintentionally should the person kill his/herself as-well or should she lock herself inside a room forever?
    when the son sets you free you are free indeed and no one can put you in bondage.
    the lady showed remorse over the mistake, she was jailed, she has paid for it even though its not enough.
    you can kill her if you want but what was lost was lost and can never be recovered.
    please Nigerians its time we embrace love, keep grudges far from our heart, and forgive as fast as we can.

    • @GEO, THERE IS this expression that goes like this: Put yourself in another person’s shoes. My brother, the truth is that you lack that capability, or you would have known what the Giwas feel about this woman’s smartness.

  3. It one thing to take people for a fool, it is another to rub it in their faces.
    This woman lacks any form of sensitivity. So madam you can celebrate your own life when you drunkenly and callously took another man’s life? Wasn’t she released on the grounds that she had to treat cancer? My mother died of cancer and I know that while she has battling she didn’t have the time or energy to play dress up and parade about town.
    I know that you will surely get your comeuppance.

  4. is accident,it can happen to you, yourself, i dont wish u, sorry it happen,just live this poor woman along.and doctor RIP and familie may God console them.

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