Chioma Chukwuka Akpotha Blasts Gideon Okeke For Insulting Chiwetalu Agu, Says He Lacks Morals

chioma chukwuka gideon okeke

January 13, 2017 – Chioma Chukwuka Akpotha Blasts Gideon Okeke For Insulting Chiwetalu Agu, Says He Lacks Morals

More celebrities are now coming for young actor Gideon Okeke for openly rebuking veteran actor Chiwetalu Agu for his vulgar slangs in movies.

Check out what Chioma Chukwuka Akpotha told Gideon Okeke via Twitter yesterday:

Do you think Chioma Akpotha went to far by saying Okeke lacks morals?

Isn’t he entitled to Freedom Of Expression like others?

15 thoughts on “Chioma Chukwuka Akpotha Blasts Gideon Okeke For Insulting Chiwetalu Agu, Says He Lacks Morals

  1. That is not an insult madam, he is just making a common sense and comparison , I guess u have issue with the young guys.

    • No common sense in what Gideon said. He is just looking for a cheap popularity so that the organizers of big brother Africa will call him to anchor their show this season. Nna, Gideon abi wetin you call urself, u don fail. Try another person before I go begin blast u better insult with that ur big head!

  2. CHAIN REACTION! THIS YOUNG GUY MAY be getting what he’d never bargained for. We could say that going all out in the open to correct Chiwetalu Agu was not all that respectful, and we could be right. But it is not lack of morals.

  3. Chioma, is their anything wrong if one chooses to to express his / her feelings concerning a particular issue? We are in a free world and if Gideon chooses to say what saw or how he feels on a issue please let him be. Your are becoming too forward and arrogant for my liking.

    Be carefull.

  4. that guy will not go far in his career should continue with such attitude towards his fellow colleagues. he should realize that that the reason most writers call Chiwetalu is mostly because of that. he should also watch Yoruba movies and see that such people also called for such roles.

  5. i think this Guy is greed, why can’t him mentioned romance and kissing movies, look without his system in movies it will not sell and i and other will not have any time of watching at films. so Guy leave him for us alone

  6. What is Chioma saying? I doubt if you read what Gideon wrote and if you did, you did not understand what he is saying. You guys are just pretenders and full of eye service. I am too disappointed at you Chioma. Madam respect, you get respect? Pack your children sidon for front of tv and be explaining the meaning of what Papa Agu’s slangs are to them. Pretender.

  7. Please a little gentle with words.u mustn’t fight or sound aggressive all day time.your character in the movies r totally different from u r person.
    Please be done nice lady we think you to be

  8. My sister you read my mind, that Gideon of a thing always want people to notice him. Probably he thinks that he is an actor, damn you guy you are nothing but a moron. Can Gideon cause a problem in the pub? Chioma nwannem nwanyi that is why people like.

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